Racing Games You Should Try

Perhaps among the easiest entry-level video games to learn is racing. The objective is simple, finish first in the shortest time possible. Here are the best of the genre.

Crazy Taxi
The player drives a taxi and picks up customers to deliver to different destinations within the shortest possible time. If the customer liked the stunts too, you will earn more.

R.C. Pro-Am
The player controls a radio-controlled car. The player can also use weapons against other competitors.

Sega Rally
Test your skills in this racing series by driving on different surfaces like mud, asphalt and gravel.

Out Run
The player controls either a Testarossa or a Ferrari while avoiding traffic.

Midnight Club
This series of racing games focus on amateur street racing. In the first game, the player begins with a slower and unmodified car.

The game combines both real-world vehicles and locations with studio-made cars. In the career mode, the player has to gain fan points by performing stunts during the race.

Burnout Paradise
Racing plus open world? Burnout Paradise isn’t just about finishing first in a race, you can do other things too like crashing your car to gain points.

Forza Series
The first game, Forza Motorsport, was released in 2005 and gave players a choice from nine types of cars that emulated real cars in both looks and performance.

Super Mario Kart
Race with your go-kart and gain power-ups by controlling one of the eight Mario characters in one of the bestselling SNES titles of all time.

Need for Speed
Its first installment was released in 1994. The objective is to unlock more cars and racing locations, the player has to win a series of races.

Gran Turismo
This PlayStation-exclusive series have licensed virtual reproductions of real vehicles. It is praised for its real and accurate driving simulation.

Colin McRae Rally or Dirt
Named after the rally champion Colin McRae, the objective of the first game was to win the rallies modeled after the 1998 World Rally Championship season.

Wipeout Series
The games are noted for their futuristic setting in anti-gravity tracks. The player’s ship comes with its special features and attributes.

Tourist Trophy: The Real Riding Simulator
This is part of the Gran Turismo Series but focuses on motorcycles instead of cars. The bikes can be modified and there are modes for specific skills in bike handling.

Touring Car Championship
TOCA is a series of racing games that feature real licensed racing cars and motorcycles.

Super Off Road
If you like working hard for items and money, this off-road truck game requires the player to finish each race twice to earn money and upgrades.

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