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5 Must-Follow Rules of Eye Cream Application

Our eyes are often the first to show signs of aging on our face: crow’s feet, dark under-eye circles and wrinkles. For that reason, skincare experts advise women to start an anti-aging beauty routine as early as their 20s – and if you’ve done your own research, then perhaps you already know the importance of incorporating a good eye cream to your skincare regimen. Given how delicate the skin around our eyes is, we listed down some rules about using eye cream that you’d very well keep in mind.

1. Apply the Right Amount of Cream

As much as you don’t want to believe it, applying too much eye cream won’t make wrinkles disappear overnight. In fact, using too much eye cream could end up irritating your eyes. To keep that from happening, only use about a pea-size of the product on your eye area. Just like with every beauty product, moderation is the key to making the most out of your eye creams.

2. Use Your Ring Finger for Application

Our under-eye are is very delicate, so ensure that you use your ring finger when applying eye cream as it has the lightest touch. Simply dot the product on the problem area and gently massage it moving from the inner to the outer corner.

3. Avoid Tugging Your Skin

Be extra careful when applying an eye cream, as the skin surrounding your eyes is highly sensitive and very thin. Instead of rubbing or pulling at your skin, gently glide the product along your orbital bone. Not only will you be able to easily apply your eye cream, you’ll also prevent yourself from stretching the sensitive skin in your eye area.

4. Store Your Eye Cream in the Proper Place

To optimize the effectiveness of your eye cream, make sure that you keep it away from direct exposure to heat or the sun. As much as possible, store it in a dark, cool place like the fridge to enhance its potency and get more promising results.

5. Allow Your Skin to Absorb the Product

Give you skin enough time to absorb the product before layering it with your makeup. This is a common mistake, which results to concealer or powder caking up right at the creases in the eye area. So the next time you apply your eye cream, let it sit for several minutes before coating with a layer of makeup or any other beauty products.

Knowing the proper application of eye creams is one of the best ways to make the most out of it, as well as to achieve optimal results. So ensure that you keep these application and usage tips in mind the next time you apply your good old eye cream.

VoIP for Better Sales

VoIP is among the latest technologies creating a noise in the business industry today. Many companies in Singapore are upgrading to IP PBX telephone system, with most of them getting better operations and sales in an unexpectedly short span of time. So, what it is really in this new technology that makes businesses better than ever?

What is VoIP?

For everyone’s information, VoIP is not a one-piece software or hardware, but a whole bunch of standards, services and protocols that can help improve business operations.

In conventional telephone lines, voice calls are transferred through copper wires. This type of network is called the PSTN and has served us well in terms of communication for more than a hundred years. However, it’s old and has never been upgraded ever since. It has gotten out of place since the arrival of instant messaging, texting and e-mailing.

This is where cloud VoIP comes to picture. This technology allows users to be delivered through the internet instead of through copper lines. It is more modern than PSTN and makes voice calling more convenient with the use of 21st century devices and technologies.

How Can VoIP Help Business Sales?

Easier communication with https://www.crystalvoice.com.sg/ from Singapore means better team work, and in turn increased productivity. Whether is in the customer service department, sales department or in the internal project team, communication is the key for every aspect of your business to come together. Some may probably use it more than others, but voice calling is crucial for every establishment.

So, what can hosted pabx do for your sales department that your ordinary phone cannot?

1. Track Agent Performance

Before being able to provide great service to clients, it’s necessary to gain sight first of the performance of the internal team and identify areas that needs improvement. By using IP phone features like Call Recording, you can evaluate the performance of your agents in terms of interacting with customers.

Various pbx phone system providers in Singapore let you generate reports that states the summary of employees’ call activities and patterns. This is extremely helpful for analyzing performances of employees and determining whether a team deserves a reward or more coaching and training.

2. Make Building Customer Profiles Easier

When an individual receives a call from a telesales agent, the client expects to be treated in a way that lets them know that you know their needs. They want an offer that’s relevant to their needs.

This is when personalization comes in handy. Because hosted pbx supports integration of CRM (customer relationship management), your sales agents can access comprehensive data on customers they are calling. This VoIP feature provides your team information about the customer’s recent purchases, product preferences and even their responses to telemarketing campaigns.

3. Support Field Sales Team

Sales representatives who are always away from the office can be contacted through their smartphones. Because cloud VoIP runs on data networks, the same phone service can be used to access business data, such as product information, customer records and delivery schedules.

Hosted pbx also makes it easier for field sales representatives to do collaborative works with colleagues and share data that can be helpful to your business’ overall sales. Remote employees can easily make conference calls from their laptops and smartphones when they need advice in dealing with product or clientele issues.

4. Help Customers Reach the Right Contact

IP PBX telephone system ensures that callers will reach the right person every time. The right person could be an agent with knowledge about a certain product, a client’s account manager or a representative for a specific service.

The call routing function of cloud VoIP will direct callers to specific receivers based on a set of rules, such as:

    • Asking callers to select an option that directs them to the service they need through IVR system
    • Identifying special campaign numbers to direct calls to the appropriate specialist
    • Directing calls to a ‘local agent’ according on the callers ID

5. Analyze Results
Pbx phone system provides call information that can help you measure the effectiveness of your sales campaigns and gain better insight into your target market’s behaviour.

The data collected through this feature also provides insight into how prospects and clients respond to different offers and products. And since IP PBX telephone system integrate with CRM system, your sales team can use these data from the analytics features as an input to nurturing marketing strategies on your CRM.

6. Give Clients More Ways to Contact You

Clients always prefer to have more than one way to get in touch with a company. Hosted pbx provides multimedia features that lets your client contact you in the way they prefer, such as through live chat, e-mail, instant messaging or even video calling.

Handling calls with video conferencing helps your sales team provide excellent quality of service to your business clients, and with multitude of ways to connect with you, it’s easier to build more personal and stronger relationships with your customers and target market.

7. Web Conferencing

Scheduling a person-to-person meeting with customers and prospects can be a hassle and a costly effort, especially if it requires out-of-town travel. Cloud VoIP offers web conferencing feature that allows you to meet virtually, if meeting in person is impossible.

Cloud VoIP can greatly help in improving the operations and sales of any business in Singapore and ensure success of sales campaign by providing business sales teams the right facilities and features to effectively communicate to their team mates and clients.

10 Laundry Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Doing laundry seems easy to do: you fill the washer with water, load your dirty clothes and some detergent and leave it running for a full cycle. However, regardless of how easy it sounds, there are quite a number of laundry mistakes we often do that can ruin the appliance, clothing and generally makes doing laundry more complicated. Whether or not you’re having your laundry taken care of by a laundry service in Singapore, here are the most common laundry mistakes you should avoid.

1. Using Too Much Detergent

When towel washing or doing uniform laundry, do you use heaping scoops of detergent instead of measuring it out carefully? If so, you are putting extra wear and tear on your towels and uniforms and even to your machine. Using too much detergent on a load of laundry isn’t going to give you extra clean clothes. If you have a really dirty batch of laundry, select the bubble soak option of your machine to soak your clothes, so stains are loosened and removed effectively without jeopardizing the quality of the garments.

2. Overusing Bleach

Bleach isn’t necessary for most stains, and certainly not for everyday piles of uniform laundry. Bleach is notoriously destructive to fabric and it can eventually leave your white uniforms yellowed and brittle. You will get more mileage from your clothes if you only use bleach for occasional ‘oomph’ on your garments.

3. Washing Shirts Buttoned Up

Do not put your shirts in the washer without unbuttoning them. Washing your shirts buttoned up can stress the buttons and buttonholes and get them popping during the cycle. If you wish to save the hassle, get your clothes cleaned at unique cleanz commercial laundry in Singapore to save the time. Take the extra time to undo all buttons before throwing them into the washer.

4. Leaving Zippers Open

Conversely, do not leave zippers when washing if you don’t want them scratching on delicate garments. Also, avoid tossing unhooked bras in the washing machine as they can damage other clothing pieces. Wash undergarments separately in a lingerie bag to avoid bad surprises after a cycle.

5. Dry Cleaning Excessively

Excessive dry cleaning—due to harsh heat and chemical—will eventually deteriorate the material of your clothing. In the case of suits and other velvety pieces, excessive dry cleaning will make them look shiny—something you want to avoid with these types of clothing. To avoid this, only dry clean suite once or twice every six months. For other delicate items, try brushing or airing them out to remove dust, dirt and odours, instead of bringing them to a laundry service right away for dry cleaning.

6. Washing Denims Too Often

Washing your jeans too soon will cause your denim to lose its indigo colour. In the case of low quality jeans, you will notice a change in colour and elasticity (for skinny jeans) a lot quicker if you keep washing them every after use. Generally, if you have invested in a quality pair of denim jeans, you can do away without washing them for six months, which is also the recommended length of time in between washes for jeans. Spot clean minor stains and air them out to combat odours. You can even pop them in the freezer to kill germs and bacteria.

7. Using Wire Hangers

Whoever invented wire hangers didn’t thought of using them on clothes. Using wire hangers will destroy the shoulders of your coats and other sleeved garments. As much as possible, never use them. Invest in a set of wooden hangers for hanging sleeved dresses and coats. For your everyday button-downs, tees, blouses and trousers, a set of plastic hangers will do the job.

8. Skipping Lingerie Bags

Lingerie bags isn’t only for lingerie and underwear. Any piece of clothing you’re worried could be bullied in the washer can be thrown in a lingerie bag before tossing it to the machine. The soft-fabric bag will act as a protective layer so you can wash delicate items in the washing machine without worrying about damaging it.

9. Throwing Stained Clothes Into the Machine

If you have pieces with bas stains, the common reflex reaction is to throw them straight into the washer, together with the rest of your laundry. Refrain from doing it from now on. Commercial laundry services even recommend to pre-treat your stained clothes right away and to not wait until your laundry service picks up your dirty clothes. This is not to make their job easier, but it is for better chances of totally eradicating the stain. After a spill, immediately spot treat it to avoid the stain from setting into the fabric.

10. Drying Clothes for Too Long

Whether you’re washing your clothes at home or having it done by a commercial laundry services in Singapore, make sure to check the label to know how to wash and dry it. But just to be safe (and to minimize the need to iron every piece), do not leave your clothes inside the dryer for too long. Instead, take your clothes out of the dryer while they’re still damp and hang them in the clothesline to completely dry. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting tough wrinkles on your clothes that need thorough ironing.

Avoiding these 10 common mistakes will help maintain your clothing pieces in their pristine condition, as well as ensure better-working appliances that will last for years. However, if you wish to skip all the hassle of laundering your clothes, let a commercial laundry services do it for you. A commercial laundry services in Singapore can pick up your baskets of dirty clothes right at your doorstep and take care of the rest for you.

Home Painting Color Matching Tips and Guide

You always loved that beautiful and relaxing blue paint in your dining area, but noticed that it’s getting a bit old and is starting to crack and peel off. Or, perhaps, you’ve always adored the brightness and liveliness of the yellow blouse that your mother gave as your birthday present and wants the same shade of yellow for your bathroom. So what do you do then?

If you’re smart enough, you’d definitely find or hire some professional Singapore painter to provide you with their painting services. They’re the safest bet that you could bet to perfectly match the colors that you love and give the rooms in your house the fresh coating of paint and the new look that it really needs. To help you, here’s a guide that you might need when it comes to hiring someone to match the paint colors in your home painting project.

1. Paint Type

Before starting your house painting project, it’s important that you establish with your contractor as to which area of the house will he be working on. Will he be painting your living room? Bathroom? Or will the paint be used on the entire exterior of the house? These are just some of the important points that you need to clarify and talk with your painter when you need hdb painting services from Singapore for different paint jobs would also require different kinds of paint. Talk with your contractor about your expectations during and after the job is done. Also, don’t forget to inform him about your allocated budget for the paint job.

2. Color Selections

What paint color do you have on your mind? One good and effective way for you to properly inform your painting services provider about the color that you like is to bring with you a physical copy of anything that has the exact same shade of the color that you want. This could be a piece of clothing, a photograph, or even a piece of an existing paint that chipped off the wall.

Also, ask your professional if he’ll be using a spectrophotometer to get the exact match of the color that you want to use for your walls. This device will help your contractor read the color source and measure the exact paint color that matches it.

3. Clean it Up

After you’ve decided on the color that you like, make sure that your color source is clean for any grime, dirt, and smoke residue could make any color appear darker than they really are. If you want to match a certain area or wall in your home, scrub it down and get rid of any excess grime and dirt. This is an important step when your professional will start painting again for he will need a clean and dry surface to proceed on your home painting project.

4. Test it Out

Once you’ve already arrived with the decision of what color to use, test it out. Ask your house painting contractor to give you a sample that you can test on the different areas of the room so that you can see it under different kinds of light. This is quite important as lights play a big portion on how you’ll see color that’s why it’s a good idea to have a chance to look through it in the area will it be applied.

5. Be Patient

Doing a home painting job can go from an easy project to a nerve-wracking job. Wall color is something that you get to see every day, and that’s why you want everything to be done right. Let your professional play and experiment on the color adjustments to add more or lesser shades of a particular color so that it’ll fit perfectly with the color that you want. But that might take some time though since your professional might consume some time before arriving at a shade of color that you’re both happy with.

6. Budget Properly

Paints can range from the inexpensive ones to those that are extremely pricy. Though it might be tempting to go with cheaper paints, most painting services providers suggest otherwise. Such paints might seem cheap at first but you won’t really save any bucks for it isn’t the best paint choice for a long run use. You wouldn’t want to invest your time and, more importantly, your money to have your room repainted, only to have it done again when the coating starts to peel and chip off. So don’t hesitate to talk with your professional or some known paint provider in Singapore about the best paint options for your bucks.

Choosing the paint color that you’ll use for your paint job is not as easy as you think it is. But by taking these tips into consideration, picking your wall color might become an easy task both for you and your contractor.

Tips to Get Your Kids Willingly Give Away Old Toys


Your kids have not used some of their toys in ages, but are still unwilling to give them away. Here’s how to encourage your kids to pass those playthings to children in need.

  1. Talk About It in a Relatable Way

Keep in mind your child’s age when talking to them about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. All communications should be straightforward and something that they can understand and relate to. Say something like “we’re giving away your toy car so that another boy who doesn’t have one can play with it.” This lets your child know where his toy will go and he’ll understand that other children play the same toys, too.

  1. Give Them Control Over Their Things

Resistance to let go of things—or sharing, in general—is more about feeling a lack of control than actually wanting the toy. Grant your child the power to decide what to do with his thins. Let them decide how many toys to give away. If they say none, do not react negatively. Smile and light-heartedly say, “Would you rather give away five or eight items?”

  1. Give Them Time

Give your child enough time to decide which toys to give up and which ones to keep. It’s not an easy decision for kids to let go of their things, so the more time they have to think it through, the less regrets they’ll have afterwards. After they have sorted out their toys, give them one more day to finalize their decision.

  1. Set Goals

Your child may initially show resistance to giving away some of his toys. Set a goal instead of just blankly asking your child to choose toys from his collection to donate. Set two baskets, designating one for toys to donate and one for toys to keep. Explain that for every toy he decides to keep, he has to give away one.

  1. Be a Good Example

Reflect and look at yourself if you’re setting a good example for your children. If your children see you donating your unused belongings to people in need, they’re more likely to mimic your behaviour. You can devote a day to clean up your overflowing closet and the next day to your kid’s toy box.

  1. Reward Your Kids Afterwards

After reducing the toys, reward your child for a job well done. Get him his favourite ice cream or chocolate, or take him to the mall and buy him something he likes.

Giving away unused toys may just be a simple act of spring cleaning, but it teaches your child the value of sharing and empathy, which they will carry on for the rest of their lives.

Keep These Words Off Your Resume If You Badly Want the Job!


Landing a good job isn’t easy, especially for millennials with no enough experience to brag about. One effective way to stand out among the pile of candidates is to come up with a well-curated resume. To land a job interview, the first step to make is to keep these words and phrases off your CV.


Using these words in your resume is like challenging employers to nitpick your writing. If there’s a misspelled word or a misplaced punctuation mark, the hiring person will likely question your claim. Instead of stating this term in your resume, show it by providing a flawless resume and application letter.

Team Player

This is typically written as one of the strengths, but if you don’t back this up with a concrete experience, this would mean nothing. Make your resume stand out by eliminating this phrase and adding an experience that shows your capability to take part in a group. Mention your contributions to a team project or how you lead a group to achieve a goal.


Employers and recruiters assume that every applicant is hardworking, so there is really no point of reiterating this to your resume. The content alone of your resume should show how hardworking you are by containing information about your experiences from your previous job(s). For example, did you complete your degree while working a full-time job or are you working a side job while employed full-time? Include that in your resume; that will prove how hardworking you are.

Problem Solver

Employees are constantly faced with problems at work, therefore you’re already expected to be one. The more important questions are, what kind of problems you have solved and how did you solve them. When stating this fact, use words that describe your problem-solving approach, such as ‘analytical’or ‘creative.’ This will give the employer an idea of your personality and your way of dealing with workloads.

Responsible for (Something)

Every employee is responsible for something, so telling recruiters that you’re responsible won’t impress them. Use more accurate terms such as ‘managed,’ ‘transformed,’ or ‘led’ to show them what you actually did in completing those responsibilities. This will show how you operate when given a task, instead of showing them that you’re only capable of doing the basics.

Salary Negotiable

Recruiters assume that all applicants is willing to negotiate their salary, therefore this phrase is just filler. For salary matters, expect a minimum rate, but do not put in on your resume. In fact, salary should never be mentioned until you’re invited for an interview.

Clearly, when tailoring your resume, try to come up with adjectives that accurately describe you. Rather than using the mentioned terms, think of words like ‘inventive,’ ‘meticulous’ or even ‘funny’ to show more of your personality.

What You Need to Know About Drug Allergy


Allergies are normal. Sometimes it is not serious but there are times that it can be as severe and life threatening. Others outgrow it but some do not. Whatever your case is, it is important that you know everything about your specific allergy. There are different types of allergy and if in this case you are diagnosed to have drug allergy, you should know its symptoms, triggers and allergy management.


There is a big possibility that you will not experience allergic symptoms at first because the body will just produce antibodies against it but the next time you take a specific drug, the immune system will surely see it as an intruder thereby developing symptoms because the body released chemicals to defend it.

When this happens, watch out for symptoms. Symptoms include itching, breathing problems, wheezing, vomiting, swelling, skin rashes, dizziness and the more serious symptom – anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is life-threatening because it can ruin breathing thereby sending alarm to the body which will eventually result to shock leaving failure of one or two organ system.


It is important that you know what triggers your drug allergy. The most common trigger is penicillin. Just because you have symptoms after taking penicillin does not mean that you will have the same reactions to related drugs like amoxicillin. Other triggers include antibiotics, anticonvulsants, chemotherapy drugs, aspirin and other NSAIDs.

Allergy management

If you are not sure about your allergy, it is important that you seek the help of doctors or allergist. They will know better. They will conduct drug challenge including skin test. You have to know though those penicillin-type drugs can be accurately diagnosed through skin test. Your allergists have to make sure that rashes and asthma are not from other diseases. When your allergists ask you question, do your best to recollect everything and as much as possible, be truthful.

Managing your drug allergy is simple – you just have to avoid the triggers. If it cannot be helped, at least take antihistamines as it can control some of your symptoms and more importantly, seek medical care if the symptoms worsen or occur together.

Now that you know things about drug allergy, it is important that you are vigilant. Always keep in mind the things about your allergy so it does not affect how you live your life. You should never ignore or underestimate drug allergy because it can make a difference at the end of the day.

What Does IT Services Mean?

For most people, even among the so-called professionals, IT services is a broad concept that needs a closer examination. Most companies that offer IT services do not only mean one type of product or service, but many more. The best way to understand IT services is to take apart each component.

What is IT?

Let’s start by defining IT or information technology. Specifically, it is the technology used to process, store, transfer or present information, in this case business information. If this is what a customer with no specific knowledge of IT means, he expects that the service he gets will be the processing, storing, transferring and presentation of information that the business specifically requires.

What then is IT service? To simplify, let’s take A as the IT provider and B as the client or the business that needs IT services. Service means that A does something for B. B does not want to take the burden of managing emails, wireless networking and others while running the business. A does it for B instead. It combines hardware, software, electronics, networks and telecommunications. That is IT service.

What services can you expect?

Quality IT services require a different definition. The IT services provider will also have to make sure that it is cost-effective, reliable and secure. The customer will be able to manage his business without having to worry about the technology used. He can focus on earning and running the business. The IT services provider will then become a partner in the growth of the business.

However, even with these definitions, the customer will only have a vague idea of what to expect from the IT services provider. That is why it is essential to look at the catalog of services and products that the providers have. In Singapore the best IT services usually have a service catalog. The catalog lists the products and services including the description, cost and time frame for each. These catalogs however are preset. This means that there are specific packages or plans for the most common requests from most businesses or organizations. However, some IT services in Singapore provide tailored services for their clients.

What do IT services do?

It also important to note that there is a difference between IT services and IT provider service. The former refers to the client-facing services, while the latter is for the internal and technical services. IT services has already been defined above. The client asks for the service they need and it is provided to them directly. Meanwhile, IT provider service enables and can support multiple IT services.

There is a third option as well. An outsourcing provider focuses on internal IT such as hardware maintenance and administration and monitoring of network or servers. In Singapore there are IT services that can be outsourced.

The services can range from Internet connection to even providing IT consultants. Some of the services that can be expected are as follows: software development, software maintenance, software integration, network integration, network maintenance, network management, application service provider or ASP, Internet service provider or ISP, cloud developers or providers, mobile services, hardware, web applications, and information security or IS.

The Benefits of an IT services provider

What are the benefits of hiring an IT services provider for your business or enterprise? Is it effective for a small business as well?

Get ahead of competition. Small businesses in particular need to keep up with its competitors. One way of ensuring quality and timely delivery of products and services is by making the most out of the technology available today. Productivity will also improve because of customer interaction through questions and feedbacks that can be done in the company’s website and email or mobile platforms. You have an edge over your competition if you explore these options.

Online shopping for example has recently become a viable means of earning more money for small entrepreneurs. Some businesses have set up websites for the convenience of customers. Using the available technology will open more opportunities for your business to grow by becoming accessible to people who often use the Internet. They are a new market you can exploit. You do not need to trouble yourself looking after the equipment and software you use because IT services companies usually upgrade their hardware and software. This will cost you less money as well.

Less headaches and expenses. Bigger businesses cannot run without technology. It is simply impossible today. However, the maintenance of the equipment and the software is a headache. For more complex problems, most IT services in Singapore provide the right packages that your company needs.

Hiring an IT specialist to maintain your hardware and software is also an added cost. Most IT services in Singapore offer packages that have fixed monthly payments or plans. You can also be assured that you only get the best hardware, software and IT experts.

You can also reduce your need for manpower if you can manage your administrative functions at a touch. There is no need to hire more personnel if technology can do the job faster and more efficiently. If there is no need to reduce manpower, you might also be able to attract more people to stay and work in your company. Work is much easier and faster. This will create a productive and healthy working environment for your people. A productive team means better business.

Being able to talk to your IT services provider will also give you opportunities to access more technology and manufacturers that your business might need in the future.

Whether you’re running a small-time shop in your neighborhood and you want your business to grow or an enterprise that needs to badly keep up with competition, IT services can help. It is cost-efficient, effective, fast and reliable.

Natural Supplements That Help With Back Pains


Pain is part of life which makes it heart-breaking but as many people say, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. If you understand pain, you learn to value life and you begin to take care whatever you have so you won’t ever have to experience it again.

When you endure pain, the best course of action is to consult with the doctor first and learn its causes. You might think that you have this simple back pain but truth is there is a more serious illness lurking. You should know the cause of the pain so you will consider things that can help like exercise, physical therapy, diet changes and natural supplements.

If you think about natural supplements for your back pains, ask the doctors which are best. Here are some supplements they might suggest:

  • Turmeric: Turmeric is from the ginger family. According to studies, it can ease inflammation. Turmeric is a dark yellow-colored root. You can boil it to extract its essential nutrients and serve it as tea. If not, you should cook it together with your favorite recipes. If you want to get the recommended daily allowance, take capsule.


  • Capsicum: Capsicum is in the form of chilli peppers. You should look for a capsicum skin cream. It can ease back pain. You can apply the cream directly to the area for good results. If you are dealing with cramps and diarrhoea, you can consider pills.

  • Devil’s claw root: This root is an angel contrary to its name because it can help soothe arthritis and lower back pain. Devil’s claw root is an herb that contains harpagoside. This active compound does it all. In fact thirty to one hundred milligrams can make a difference.



  • Comfrey: Comfrey extract is good for people who are suffering with lower or upper back pain. If it is not available, you should look for a skin cream with its extract. You can use it thrice a day to relieve your lower or upper back. You have to be cautious though because if taken by mouth, comfrey can hurt the liver.


You have tried everything impatiently. It is understandable that you want to see results knowing that you are dealing with pain but you should give it time to settle in. Do not expect immediate relief. It will usually take up to four months to see an improvement. These supplements are easy to find here in Singapore so do not worry about its availability.

Most of all, you have to be consistent. Do not expect a result if you just take it once in a while.

CoolSculpting Procedure: Pre- and Post-Treatment Care Tips

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat-reduction procedure that uses a controlled freezing method to get rid of the stubborn fat cells that doesn’t seem to budge with proper diet and exercise. Whether you are thinking of getting the said procedure or is just curious about how you could possibly maximize the result of CoolSculpting Singapore, here are some pre- and post-treatment care tips you should know about before having the said procedure.

Pre-Treatment Care

• Shed Off Some Weight
Patients with small fat packets are the most ideal candidates to undergo a CoolSculpting treatment. So if you want to see any significant changes in your body after the procedure, cosmetic surgeons in Singapore recommend getting close to your ideal weight first before going through with the fat-reduction treatment. Once you have shed off enough weight, you can already use coolsculpting from Astique in Singapore to eliminate the pesky bulges and better define the contours of your body.

• Ensure That You Are an Ideal Candidate
CoolSculpting is not a weight loss tool, which is why you should first be in your ideal weight – or close to that said weight – before undergoing the fat-reduction procedure. For the treatment to work efficiently, however, you need to have enough amount of fat packets that can be suctioned into the applicator. If the applicator won’t fit into your trouble areas, the fat cells won’t be vacuumed into the machine and the freezing process won’t be able to take place.

• Get Ready for Any Post-Treatment Pain
Although it rarely happens, about 10 percent of CoolSculpting patients in Singapore still report experiencing pain after the fat-reduction procedure. You will feel better several hours after the procedure, but you might still feel some stinging sensation for several days or a few weeks. This is why it’s a good idea to secure medicines that can help alleviate the pain that could occur. If possible, take 600mg Ibuprofen every eight hours to significantly ease the pain, then inform your specialist about the issue. Your doctor will likely advise that you wear a compressive clothing, such as binders or Spanx, to limit the movement of the treated area and ease the pain.

• Bring Something That Will Keep You Occupied
The treatment process on a single trouble area could take hours to complete, and you will simple be sitting or lying down throughout the treatment session. Thus, getting multiple trouble areas done could get very lengthy and you could end up feeling bored throughout the treatment process. To keep this from happening, make sure that you bring something that will keep you entertained or stay productive, whether it’s a book, your laptop or a tablet. Since CoolSculpting Singapore is non-invasive, you can answer emails, read a book, listen to music, or even watch a movie while the treatment is going on.

Post-Treatment Care

• Be Wary of How You Feel

It’s only normal to experience minor side effects, such as redness, itching and swelling, after undergoing a CoolSculpting procedure. But if these effects are keeping you from doing your usual activities, immediately contact your specialist and report the problem you are currently experiencing. Another thing to keep in mind is that these side effects vary on the area that was treated. According to CoolSculpting specialists, the abdominal area tend to be more prone to experiencing issues like numbness, pain and tingling sensation; while the other body parts like the love handles or the back area commonly have no side effects.

• Set a Follow-Up Appointment
Getting multiple CoolSculpting treatments is one way of ensuring that you get the optimal results of the procedure. This will help you further the outcome of the treatment, and allow your doctor to monitor your progress. Just make sure that you space out the treatments evenly, so that the previously treated areas will have enough time to recover. Patients in Singapore who have undergone multiple CoolSculpting treatments reported to notice better and faster fat-reduction results.

• Get Enough Rest
Although you can go about your day immediately after treatment, it’s still best to take the rest of the day off and get enough rest. If the treated area still feels uncomfortable or sore the following day, take the day off at work and relax so you could get back to your usual routine as soon as possible. CoolSculpting specialists also suggest that you avoid pressuring yourself or limiting the movements of the treated area just so you could immediately return to your daily activities.

• Get Into a Healthy Diet and Exercise Regularly
Just like with any other cosmetic procedures, the longevity of the results of your CoolSculpting Singapore also depend on you care for yourself post-treatment. If you don’t eat healthily and exercise regularly, then there’s a great chance that you will not be able to maintain your new figure. To avoid that, make sure that you get enough rest, eat healthy food, and exercise regularly. Maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle is a sure-fire way to keep yourself looking good all the time.

Practising proper pre- and post-treatment care is the only way of ensuring that you get the optimal results of a fat-reduction treatment, regardless if you are undergoing a surgical or a non-invasive procedure. So be sure to keep these tips in mind to not only guarantee that your CoolSculpting procedure is a success, but to also ensure that your results last longer than they should.