Every Commercial Kitchen Equipment You Need for a Restaurant

When you’re planning to set up a food business, you need to consider investing in durable and efficient kitchen equipment. All the meals can be prepared in a sanitary and orderly manner and your staff could perform at their best when you know you have the best tools in the trade.

Here are all the essential commercial kitchen equipment your food business needs.

Refrigerator or Freezer

The refrigeration system will help preserve food and ingredients for a long time. The size of the refrigerator or freezer will depend on the type of food business you have in mind. Most large restaurants prefer walk-in refrigerators to store more food.


The industrial oven often comes with the range or stove. You need to have a separate oven, however, if your food business will serve roasted and baked food. This commercial kitchen equipment is called a convection oven, which means that it distributes heat evenly using a fan.


Commercial freezers like those from http://www.alpscreative.com/kv/ in Singapore are sometimes separate from refrigerators. The freezer is used to keep ice, frozen food like ice cream, meat and other foodstuff that have to kept in cold storage.

Water Cooler

A water cooler or water dispenser holds clean and cold drinking water for your staff and customers. You can choose from bottled or bottleless water cooler types depending on the needs of your business.


Industrial ranges can be gas or electric, but most restaurateurs prefer the gas range because of the ease of controlling the heat level.


Restaurants use gas grills for even heat distribution. The size of the grills will depend on the type of food you will serve.

Microwave Oven

Your restaurant should have a heavy duty type of commercial kitchen equipment for durability and space.


A commercial conveyor toaster is bigger than the one used at home. It can hold more than four pieces of bread than the pop-up types.

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is used for heating stews and soups need to be cooked slowly at constant temperature. You can leave the food without having to constantly check the temperature or turn off the heat because you can set the timer.


A mixer is an essential equipment for creating dough for cookies, rolls and pizza crusts. There are three types of mixers to choose from, namely; stand, floor and countertop mixers.


The blender is not only used to make beverages but to puree, mix or emulsify food for salad dressings, sauces and puree ingredients. Ask your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore about the different sizes of blender you will need in your food business.

Coffee Maker

If you have coffee on your menu, a coffee maker will make preparation much easier. The coffee maker includes warmers and decanters to keep coffee fresh and hot all the time. You can also add more coffee equipment such as commercial espresso maker, coffee grinder, airpot coffee brewer and hot water dispenser if you’re serving a lot of customers.


Besides a hand-washing station, your restaurant might need a dishwasher especially if you’re serving hundreds of customers everyday.

Electric Mixer

An electric mixer is indispensable if you’re serving a variety of desserts. Bakers and bread-makers can also use the electric mixer to make whisking, beating, kneading or stirring ingredients faster.

Hand Blender

A hand blender is used for mixing ingredients for soups. It can also be used to make jams and hand-churned ice cream.

Food Processor

A food processor is a specialized type of blender. Just by changing the blades, you can chop or slice various food ingredients from seeds to meat.

Flattop Grill or Plancha

A flattop grill is essential for restaurants in Singapore that have front-of-house cooking. You can cook more food on a flattop grill than a grill and it’s also easier to clean and will cook the food evenly because of its circular heating system.

Prep Tables

Prep tables should always be present in restaurants. This commercial kitchen equipment is made in stainless steel so that it’s easy to clean and can be used for all types of food. Consult your kitchen equipment supplier if you need attached or free-standing prep tables.


A deep fryer will make it easier for the cooks to check and recover the food without spending too much time draining the oil. Choose an electric countertop or floor model depending on your restaurant’s needs. There are also deep fryers with two pots to cook more food at the same time.

Metal and Plastic Shelves

These shelves are used to hold all the kitchen tools and ingredients. These may be wall-mounted, wire shelving, or in the form of security cages.

Ice Machines

Automatic ice machines are a must for bars and restaurants in Singapore that serve alcoholic drinks, cocktails and other drinks.

Cleaning Equipment

A restaurant should be kept clean to avoid pests and the spread of infection. Your kitchen area should have the following: hand soap sanitizer, cleaning rags, cleaning buckets, and rubber floor mats.

Safety Equipment

Most restaurants use open flames, so it’s important to have the appropriate number of fire extinguishers ready. Make sure to follow all the health, sanitation and safety requirements in Singapore to create a healthy working environment.

Plates and Bowls

These aren’t the same plates and bowls you will use to serve food to the customers. You will need plates and bowls to hold ingredients during the preparation in the kitchen.

Transportation Carts and Racks

These are used to hold several plates or bowls of food at the same time for easier transportation. Although a lot of restaurants don’t use carts when serving customers, these can still be used in the kitchen for storage.

Sinks and Faucets

Your restaurant will need several sinks and faucets where the staff can wash ingredients, utensils and their hands. Schedule a consultation with your kitchen designer and kitchen equipment supplier to determine the placement and number of the sinks in the kitchen area.

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