6 Foods to Avoid Eating Pre-Flight

You may not know it, but what you eat before boarding your plane can actually have a big impact on how you might feel once you’re flying. Luckily, you can simply avoid getting a jet bloat and other in-flight horrors by crossing out these dining disasters off your pre-flight checklist.


  1. Fried and Fast Food. Eating in fast food chains may sound tempting, but it would be best to leave out your cravings after arriving at your destination. Understand that digestion is quite difficult for your body while you’re 35,000 feet above ground, and indulging on saturated fats pre-flight will only cause you to experience an upset stomach and heartburn while flying.


  1. Fibrous Fruits. While fruits are healthy snack choices, it’s a different story when you’re going to consume them before your flight. Fibrous fruits like apple aren’t easy to digest, and that might lead to gas and bloating during your flight. So skip on these healthy snacks for the meantime.


  1. Legumes. Beans has long been known to have a bad rap for being a major gas culprit. Almost all types of beans and legumes contain complex sugars that may cause you to experience an in-flight bloated feeling. If you still want to include baked beans in your breakfast sidings, make sure that you keep them soaked in water overnight to eliminate its sugar problems.


  1. Chewing Gum. Although it can help make your ears pop after the take-off and landing, constantly chewing on your sugar-free gum will just let some extra air into your body, which will later give you a bloated feeling.


  1. Alcohol. It may not be considered as a food, but it would still be best to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages pre-flight as it can be dehydrating. The air in planes aren’t humidified causing the flyers to become dehydrate, and if you add in alcohol to that, you’ll surely get off the plane feeling miserable and parched.


  1. Carbonated Beverages. Carbonated drinks, particularly beer and soda, also contribute to bloating. Just picture the drink’s bubbles as tiny balloons that will likely end up in your stomach, and will rapidly expand when the air pressure changes during the take-off. Uncomfortable, right?

Having a fun and hassle-free flight also has something to do with the foods that we eat. So ensure that you keep these list of foods in mind to avoid feeling bloated and uncomfortable while above ground.