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5 Tips to Prevent Over-Packing in Trips

At some point in our life, we’ve experience packing just a little too much for a trip. Bringing along three pairs of jeans, the dress that you bought on sale, three pairs of flats and your beloved gadgets. We know that you need these things, but bringing more than two pairs of each item is just too much for a 3-day trip. So next time you go out of town, we challenge you to use the following packing tips so that you’ll be able to pack and travel lighter.


  1. Limit on Your Cosmetics and Toiletries. We understand the importance of maintaining your makeup and skincare routine while travelling, but this doesn’t mean that you should already bring all the beauty products that you have in your dresser. Instead, opt for multipurpose beauty products like cheek and lip stain, and a tinted moisturizer with SPF. For shampoos and facial wash, opt for those in sachets or repack them in travel-sized containers so that they won’t take up much space in your bag.


  1. Opt for a Carry-On. This may sound scary for serial over-packers, but the key to packing light is to limit the size of your luggage. Using the right packing strategy, fitting all your items in a single carry-on is easy. Also, bringing a carry-on won’t just help you pack light, it’ll also lessen your expenses on baggage fees. Truly a great way to pack light and save some money during your trip.


  1. Pack Versatile Clothes. Deciding what clothes to bring is what takes the most consideration when it comes to packing. So next time you decide on the pieces you’ll bring, we suggest that you stick to one colour palette and choose clothing pieces that can be worn in different ways like your black pants, cotton dress and big scarves.


  1. Avoid Last Minute Packing. One of the worst things that you can when you’re planning to pack light is to pack in the last minute. To make packing light possible, give yourself at least a day or two to decide and pack the items you’ll be bringing with you. Doing this will save you from all the unnecessary stress and could even lead to having more space in your carry-on.


  1. Coordinate with Your Travel Buddies. Heading to a weekend trip with your best girls? Then coordinate beforehand to decide who’ll be bringing what. Assign who’ll bring shampoo, toothpaste or lotion to further minimize the space consumed by your toiletries. For gadgets like laptop, you can just share one instead of bringing your own units.

Packing light can be really challenging, especially if you’re used to over-packing. But by following these packing tips, you’ll surely succeed in your plan of packing light and having a more organized trip.


6 Airline Freebies to Score When Travelling


An all-inclusive travel has already become a thing of the past. Nowadays, you’ll need your credit card to pay for almost everything, from watching movies to Wi-Fi and even for getting a mid-flight snack. However, there are still several things that you can actually get for free on your flight, and all that you’ve got to do is to simply ask for them.


  1. A Flight Deck Tour. In this time where tight security is practiced, touring a flight deck would seem like it’s strictly off-limits. Guess what? It’s actually not. After boarding the plane, you can ask a flight attendant if you can take a peek in the flight deck, or if you can ask some questions to the pilot. Most pilots actually enjoy having visitors in the deck and talking about the aircraft they’re flying.


  1. Travel Advice. The best travel experts on the destination you’re headed are most likely attending to your needs during the whole flight. Flight attendants love giving travel advices, and sharing their own experiences. Plus, they know the best dining places in the airport, as well as the best spots to see and things to do in different cities. So, go ahead and start a conversation with your trusty flight attendants.


  1. Decent Munchies. The days of getting free tasty meals in coach have long been gone, but a few airlines still haven’t stopped serving tasty treats for free. The airline company Delta still offers their signature Belgium-made Biscoff cookies, while Jet Blue still serves the classic Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and Terra Blues potato chips.


  1. First Aid Supplies. You don’t need to worry if you get sick or a cut while flying since all airline companies have first aid kits on-board. However, OTC painkillers like ibuprofen should be administered by an on-board doctor.


  1. Reading Material. Sky is definitely not the limit when it comes to recycling. Airline passengers often handover their magazines and newspapers when they’re done reading, and the flight attendants are more than happy to take them for the upcoming passengers to read.


  1. Extra Soda. A small plastic cup filled with ice and just a splash of soda won’t be able to quench your thirst. Ask the flight attendant if you can have the whole can of soda instead and see how happily she’ll hand it over to you.

Although some of us might not find these free airline perks beneficial at all, it’s still good to know that we can still enjoy some of these freebies just like in the past.


5 Useful Tips for Novice Campers

Camping is one of the best ways to explore a particular place, as it is also a perfect opportunity to bond and spend quality time with your family. However, going out in the wilderness can be both exciting and nerve-wracking for first time campers. So, to ensure that your first outdoor adventure will be fun and will go smoothly, follow these useful camping tips shared by some expert campers.


  1. Borrow Camping Equipment Instead of Buying Budget Gears

Although you might get too excited and tempted to buy budget camping equipment, most expert campers said that borrowing good quality gears from your friends or neighbours is a much wiser move. Camping with a cheap equipment might turn you off from going on another outdoor adventure again. Only buy the key camping items like a comfortable air mattress, a cosy sleeping bag and a sturdy tent after you’ve decided to become a regular camper.

  1. Don’t Hesitate to Over-Pack

In camping, over-packing is actually a lot better than running out of the things that you need, and the best way to pack your camping essentials is to use vacuum sealed bags. This will not just help you in fitting more clothes into your bag, it will also help in ensuring that your meat and produce stays fresh throughout your camping time. Also, be wise in stocking things up in your car. Place the items that you’re less likely to use first so that the things you’ll be needing will just be right at your fingertips.


  1. Make a Camping Essentials List and Always Check it Twice

The last thing you’d want to experience after getting to your remote campsite is to forget an important item like a hammer to prop up your tent. Avoid this by making a list of camping essentials, and once you’re already a regular camper, start creating a “camping-only” tool box of all the materials you’ll need and stick the list you made on its lid to make sure that nothing gets left behind.

  1. Check on Animal-Friendly Campsites

If you’re planning to bring your pet along, do inquire with your campsite first if they allow bringing of pets in the site. If they do allow, we suggest that you tie some glow sticks around your pet’s collar so that you can easily track him at night.

  1. Enjoy the Outdoors

Since it’s your first time to camp, and you might not be able to do it again any sooner, then it would be best to enjoy your outdoor experience by trying out activities like bushwalking or kayaking. If you want to be more relaxed, set up your hammock and enjoy your favourite book as your kids explore the area.

For first-timers, camping can seem like a taxing and overwhelming activity to do, but if you’ve prepared enough, it can actually serve as a great way for you to relax and bond with your loved ones in an outdoor setting.