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Picking the Right Luggage for Traveling


Travelling will not be perfect without the right luggage. Many Singaporeans make mistakes by carrying the wrong luggage – it can be the difference between a successful and failed travel. Here is the scenario: paying extra baggage charges for your oversized luggage or the humiliation of squeezing your gigantic duffel bag in the overhead cabin.


Here’s another scenario: you are standing in the airport terminal waiting for your luggage in the conveyer belt. You eye your luggage only to find out it failed to show or appeared dented. These could be prevented if you chose the right travel luggage. If you choose the right travel luggage, your life will be freer and worry-free.

Here are some tips on picking the right travel luggage:

  • What are your options? You should know that there are different bags that you can consider. If you are frustrated because of your stiff luggage wheels, there is “spinner luggage”. The “spinner luggage” is perfect because the wheels can be twisted up to 360 degrees.

This will allow you great control at the same time it lets you move easier. If you are the type that patronizes backpacks, there are various sizes that comes with frames and without. This is good for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. If you are planning an extensive travel, you should consider the traditional luggage with back straps and wheels.

  • Hard or soft bag? Many people consider hardshell luggage but if you are looking into easy squeezing to overhead compartments, you have to consider soft bags. You should know that soft bags can absorb shock better than any other bag.


  • What size should your consider? The general rule is to carry a bag no bigger about 100cm. For checked bag, it should be just about 150cm. You tend to bring large bag when you travel but remember that if you can’t lift your carry-on luggage over your head, you won’t be able to squeeze it into the overhead compartments.


  • Color: Choosing the right color is also important. Choose a bag with bright color. This is so you can easily spot it on the carousel.


  • Test: You have to test your bag. Walk around for a bit. This is to get the feel of the bag and see if you can handle it easily. Make sure that fabric is comfortable, durable and sturdy. Do not consider designer luggage as it is a fashion symbol. You can find many cheap luggage bag in the market if you are just patient.


List of Items Banned from Aircraft


You are excited because this will be your first time riding an aircraft. All things are set including your travel documents but you were jammed in the airport because you carried banned items. You do not want this because this means missing your flight. You have to know that there are items banned from the aircraft. You have to be familiar with baggage rules to prevent delay next time.


Going through airport security is tedious but it is necessary for your safety and the people around you. Countries have different banned items or restrictions but there are things generally banned by everyone including Singapore. It will be to your advantage knowing these items. Here is the list of items banned from the aircraft:

  • Explosives: This is obvious. No one is allowed to bring explosives. What can you possibly use it for outside the country? You should never bring gunpowder, blasting caps, dynamite, flares, fireworks, grenades and their replicas.


  • Flammable: To ensure that you do not start a fire and led the people in mass hysteria, flammable items should never enter the airport. Flammable items include gas torches, cooking fuel, gasoline and the like.


  • Matches: Unless you plan to set things on fire, you should not bring matches with you. Matches are flammable and it is completely banned from the aircraft.


  • Poisons: Why would you carry poison? This means that if you have plans to carry poison, you intend to kill a thing or someone. It is safe not to bring any poison at all for whatever reason.


  • Marijuana: Marijuana or cannabis is not only banned in the airport but in the whole world. Massive fight against weed is in place and bringing such in the airport can mean imprisonment. Marijuana or cannabis is illegal to all countries.


  • Magnetic materials: magnetic materials like those found in the laboratory equipment and loudspeakers are banned in the airport.


  • Corrosives: Do not bring corrosive items like batteries, mercury, lye and drain cleaners.


  • Others: Other items that do not fall under the categories mentioned include spray paint, tear gas, torch lighters and the like.

Seems many things but you wouldn’t bring such things on your normal days, right? You have to remember that all items you carry can potentially pose danger to safety and security of the airport. If you are in doubt of the hazardous items, it is time that you call out the attention of the airline or the airport security.

Good luck and happy trip!


A Wanderer’s Travel Baggage Tips


As much as you want to travel light, there are still things that you need to bring. It can get bulky and you are left with one critical decision – whether to consider it a carry-on or have it as a checked luggage. Whatever your decision is, you have to avoid common problems encountered by passengers when it comes to carry-on or checked luggage.


To avoid such problems, there are baggage tips in store for you. Here are some:

  • Travel with only your carry-on: If you can pack things and put it inside one backpack or luggage bag, you should consider it. Remember that if you have it as checked luggage, it might be stolen or lost. Just remember the limit of carry-on luggage. If it exceeds the set minimum weight, that is the time that you have to consider checking it in.


  • Do not put heavy things in your overhead storage bins: Yes the overhead storage bins are locked but when things get awry, you need to protect your head. Overhead storage bins can hold hundreds of kilos of luggage or items but if accidents happen, your head will suffer it all. Just put lighter things inside your overhead storage bins.


  • Put contact information visibly: Do not try to conceal your contact information when it comes to your things. Just do not provide your social security number or bank account number because that is just foolish. You just put your name, address, email address and contact number. If possible, you should put a copy of your itinerary inside the bag so there is a big chance of getting reunited if it is lost.


  • Customize your bag: Many bags have the same design and unless you particularly asked a company to make a special one for you, you have to customize it. The logic behind this is so you can easily identify or spot it at the carousel.


  • Valuable items should be with you: Do not put valuable items inside your checked-in luggage because things happen. To be safe, you have to put valuable items in your carry-on baggage. Secure your money, laptop and other electronic devices.


  • Check the airline tag: When you check-in your luggage, there is a tag given. You have to check if it is correct to make sure that your bag matches your airport destination. If you notice the loss of your checked luggage, you have to report it immediately.

With the tips mentioned above, traveling to and from Singapore can be easy and hassle free.


Top Reasons Why You Should Make Palawan Your Next Summer Destination


Philippines is an archipelagic island composed of more than a thousand islands. Some of these islands offer stunning world class beaches such as Palawan. If you’re thinking of hitting the beach and you want to go to a worthy beach destination, this place will not disappoint you. Some of the other popular beaches are already spoiled by commercialism while some are just overrated. Going to Palawan yourself and experiencing its beaches will make you easily understand why it’s considered one of the world’s wonders as well as one of the best summer destinations for every Singaporean.


Kayangan Lake

Have you seen the postcard perfect picture of the lagoon by this lake? You’ll find amazing beauty on this lake which is also considered to be one of the cleanest and clearest waters in the Asian region. Who says anything about spoiled waters? The more adventurous ones can also climb up to a 100 steps before taking a plunge of this natural wonder.

Coron Islands

There are fantastic things you can do in the Coron islands. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling solo or with a group. It’s easy to join tours where you can see diverse marine life such as colorful fishes and massive coral reefs. You can also swim into a small underwater cave to reach the Twin Lagoons which are hidden lagoon. It’s a nice experience swimming in this lagoon as the brackish water is a mixture of fresh water and salt water.


Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

This Subterranean River is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the country’s prides. This also happens to be one of the longest and most one of a kind underground rivers in the whole world. You can join guided boat tours to navigate around this world class river. This underground river is nestled under a mountain range and skirts through a cave system where you can enjoy natural rock formations which are a also a sight to behold.

Best Diving Spots

This comes as to no surprise that Palawan is one of the best diving spots in the whole world. You can find plenty of marine life so the underwater scenes can be diverse. This is also a great place for those who are only starting out in diving. Heard about the Tubbataha Reef yet? This diving spot is so epic you’ll find barracudas and can even swim along different kinds of sharks.


Top Things You Must Do While In Bali

There may be Singaporeans who are already planning their summer trips as early as now, and Bali is one of our most favorite summer destinations. There are as many recommended things to do while you’re in Bali as there are places to go to. Julia Roberts’ famous movie Eat Pray Love can be your guide on what you can do in Bali. Here are some of the top things you must do on your vacation in Bali:


Hit the beach

Most people imagine wide blue summer beaches and soaking up the sun when they think of Bali. Most tourists go to Bali for this reason, too. There are several beach options to choose from among honeymooners, budget backpackers, and affluent tourists to make it an ideal beach destination.

Visit the temples

It’s a must to visit temples when travelling to Asian countries. Bali has several temples that have been there for centuries. The temples’ structures are sights to behold. The most popular ones are often on extraordinary locations, such as by the edge of a cliff, on a majestic rock formation, or by the lake, which all make for a breathtaking view.


Visit art and history museums

Get to know the Balinese culture by visiting their art and history museums. These museums house art paintings, architectural structures, ancient structures and manuscripts, and even masks and puppets. Most of these also date back from centuries ago that make them even more of a prized possession than they already are. You’ll be pleased to find that entrance fees to these art and history museums won’t even make a dent on your travel budget.

Get a Balinese spa and massage

What’s a vacation to a Southeast Asian country without an authentic spa and massage? Most of the spas we find in Singapore are proud to be from this region so it’s only ideal for you to try the real thing from its very place of origin. After all, your vacation should be as relaxing as it is adventurous.

Go on a food trip

Complete your Eat Pray Love itinerary by digging into a Balinese food trip. Eat like the Balinese do and flock into their popular Warung. They sell authentic local food that is so cheap you may want to indulge on eating. You better watch out on getting what most foreign tourists fondly call Balinese belly.


Easiest Asian Countries to Visit


Asia is a prime tourist destination for having the most culturally and historically rich countries in the world.  If you hunger for new sights and adventures, you need to include these favourite Asian destinations to your bucket list. Not only are these places known to be friendly and safe for solo and first-time travellers, these countries are also bound to leave you wanting to return to rediscover them.


  1. Hong Kong

A glorious night time skyline and exciting urban attractions are what makes Hong Kong a top Asian tourist destination. With so much information readily available online and popularity among first-time international travellers, planning for a Hong Kong itinerary is as easy as pie.

  1. Cambodia

If you find ancient history interesting, you’ll surely fall in love with Cambodia’s ancient temple ruins and archaeological sites. Plus, the locales are very friendly and speak good English making travelling a lot easier.

  1. Singapore

Undoubtedly, Singapore is the easiest country to travel in Southeast Asia. Its clean and safe environment makes the City of Lion the perfect travel destination for first-time travellers and those travelling with their families.


  1. Malaysia

Sitting between Thailand and Singapore, geographically and on the scale of how easy it is to travel, Malaysia makes an excellent choice if you’re planning for satisfying adventures but still wants travelling relatively easy.

  1. Thailand

If you want to get away from the influence of Western culture, the exotic charm of Thailand rewards you the break from the modern culture. And with the myriad of sites catered to budget explorers, it’s not difficult to travel cheaply around fascinating attractions in the country while indulging into exquisite Thai food.

  1. Indonesia

By just thinking of the country’s 18,307 islands is already enough to convince travellers of the fun and adventure of the country has to offer. If you are a beach bum, head to the world-famous Bali Island. If beach is too mainstream, there are temples, waterfalls, volcanoes, and nature parks waiting for you to explore.

Asian tours are popular among travellers for a reason. Not only is it the largest continent of the world, it is also a home for some of the world’s greatest cultural and historical magnificence.