Self-Improvement Practices You Should Embrace


Improvement comes from oneself hence self-improvement. Self-improvement is a term used to describe the progress of your knowledge, skills, status or character by your own efforts. Regardless of where you are and what field you belong, this is important. Accepting that you still need improvement is a big step towards realizing your full potential.

Young Asian woman meditating

Here in Singapore, you have to continually adapt to the ever changing environment and the best thing that you can do is to consider self-improvement. You have to adapt so you won’t be left. The good thing about self-improvement is that you can start small and work your way up. Confused where to start? Here are some practices that you should embrace as soon as possible:

Arrive early

Forget about your boss or other colleagues being late. Remember that the performance will reflect on you not them so you have to make sure that you always arrive ten minutes early in everything. Once it becomes a habit, you won’t ever get stressed about being late.

Do it now

Yes your schedule may be hectic that you lose hours of sleep everyday but if you have something you need to finish, just do it anyway especially if it will only take less than two minutes.

Do not make promises

Do not make promises if you think you cannot keep. Others promise when they are in a good mood and easily forget about the promise during dark times. It would be safe not to make promises but instead assure others that you will do your best and see what the outcomes are.


When doing some grocery shopping

When you need to go grocery shopping, the wisest time is after a meal. You are too full to think about the food you want or need. This way it’ll save you lots of money.

On remembering name

In work, you tend to forget names (especially if they are new). The worse thing that could happen is forgetting the name of a client. That’ll cost you millions. If you want to remember their names, when you meet them say their name out loud – you will likely to remember it.

Bring one thing in then throw two out

You just hate the clutter but the whole family do not care. If this is your dilemma every now and then, you should practice the adage “bring one in and then throw out two”. This will surely make your home clutter and dust free.