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What Does IT Services Mean?

For most people, even among the so-called professionals, IT services is a broad concept that needs a closer examination. Most companies that offer IT services do not only mean one type of product or service, but many more. The best way to understand IT services is to take apart each component.

What is IT?

Let’s start by defining IT or information technology. Specifically, it is the technology used to process, store, transfer or present information, in this case business information. If this is what a customer with no specific knowledge of IT means, he expects that the service he gets will be the processing, storing, transferring and presentation of information that the business specifically requires.

What then is IT service? To simplify, let’s take A as the IT provider and B as the client or the business that needs IT services. Service means that A does something for B. B does not want to take the burden of managing emails, wireless networking and others while running the business. A does it for B instead. It combines hardware, software, electronics, networks and telecommunications. That is IT service.

What services can you expect?

Quality IT services require a different definition. The IT services provider will also have to make sure that it is cost-effective, reliable and secure. The customer will be able to manage his business without having to worry about the technology used. He can focus on earning and running the business. The IT services provider will then become a partner in the growth of the business.

However, even with these definitions, the customer will only have a vague idea of what to expect from the IT services provider. That is why it is essential to look at the catalog of services and products that the providers have. In Singapore the best IT services usually have a service catalog. The catalog lists the products and services including the description, cost and time frame for each. These catalogs however are preset. This means that there are specific packages or plans for the most common requests from most businesses or organizations. However, some IT services in Singapore provide tailored services for their clients.

What do IT services do?

It also important to note that there is a difference between IT services and IT provider service. The former refers to the client-facing services, while the latter is for the internal and technical services. IT services has already been defined above. The client asks for the service they need and it is provided to them directly. Meanwhile, IT provider service enables and can support multiple IT services.

There is a third option as well. An outsourcing provider focuses on internal IT such as hardware maintenance and administration and monitoring of network or servers. In Singapore there are IT services that can be outsourced.

The services can range from Internet connection to even providing IT consultants. Some of the services that can be expected are as follows: software development, software maintenance, software integration, network integration, network maintenance, network management, application service provider or ASP, Internet service provider or ISP, cloud developers or providers, mobile services, hardware, web applications, and information security or IS.

The Benefits of an IT services provider

What are the benefits of hiring an IT services provider for your business or enterprise? Is it effective for a small business as well?

Get ahead of competition. Small businesses in particular need to keep up with its competitors. One way of ensuring quality and timely delivery of products and services is by making the most out of the technology available today. Productivity will also improve because of customer interaction through questions and feedbacks that can be done in the company’s website and email or mobile platforms. You have an edge over your competition if you explore these options.

Online shopping for example has recently become a viable means of earning more money for small entrepreneurs. Some businesses have set up websites for the convenience of customers. Using the available technology will open more opportunities for your business to grow by becoming accessible to people who often use the Internet. They are a new market you can exploit. You do not need to trouble yourself looking after the equipment and software you use because IT services companies usually upgrade their hardware and software. This will cost you less money as well.

Less headaches and expenses. Bigger businesses cannot run without technology. It is simply impossible today. However, the maintenance of the equipment and the software is a headache. For more complex problems, most IT services in Singapore provide the right packages that your company needs.

Hiring an IT specialist to maintain your hardware and software is also an added cost. Most IT services in Singapore offer packages that have fixed monthly payments or plans. You can also be assured that you only get the best hardware, software and IT experts.

You can also reduce your need for manpower if you can manage your administrative functions at a touch. There is no need to hire more personnel if technology can do the job faster and more efficiently. If there is no need to reduce manpower, you might also be able to attract more people to stay and work in your company. Work is much easier and faster. This will create a productive and healthy working environment for your people. A productive team means better business.

Being able to talk to your IT services provider will also give you opportunities to access more technology and manufacturers that your business might need in the future.

Whether you’re running a small-time shop in your neighborhood and you want your business to grow or an enterprise that needs to badly keep up with competition, IT services can help. It is cost-efficient, effective, fast and reliable.

Mobile Applications That Will Help You Sleep Better


We’ve heard it before: A good night’s sleep consists of seven to eight hours. But with stress, series binges and late-night work, achieving the right amount of shut-eye can be quite challenging. From listening to relaxing playlists to attending guided meditations, there are also a handful of mobile applications that you can use to help you get a better snooze at night. Since you’re already sleeping next to your smartphone, why not make the most out of what the following apps can offer.

  1. To Bed

In need of an app that will remind you as to when you should be heading to bed? If so, then To Bed is the right mobile app for you. It suggests how much shut-eye you need based on your wakeup time and age. You just need to set your waking time for the following day, and the app will tell you when it’s already time to hit the sack. Simply put, To Bed is basically a nicer version of your mom who’s forcing you to sleep.

  1. Binaural Beats

Ever felt like all your problems and worries tend to reappear the minute you try falling asleep? If so, then using the mobile app Binaural Beats might be of some help to you. This app works by generating white noises that help in calming those unsettling thoughts. Binaural Beats allows you to create your own chain of beats, and even offers a rain generator feature. So if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, put your headphones on and listen to the relaxing beats this app produces.

  1. Asleep

If you’re in search for a sleep app that offers a variety of sounds, then you’ll enjoy Asleep. Along with instrumental, lullaby and nature tunes, there’s also an option labelled as ‘life’ which allows you to listen to bubbles, showers, helicopters and even to the rhythm of a beating heart. Asleep also has contemplative meditation tunes that will really help you relax after a tiring day at school or at work.

  1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Through monitoring your movement and sleep patterns, Sleep Cycle wakes you up during your lightest sleep stage so you won’t feel groggy as soon as you wake up. It also allows you to track your sleeping patterns so you’ll see how well you’re sleeping. All you’ve got to do is place your smartphone downward (screen facing down) on your bed to monitor your sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep to lead a productive and healthy life doesn’t need to be that difficult. Simply putting the aforementioned apps to good use is already enough to improve your sleeping pattern and make you feel ready to take on the day ahead.