A Guide to Riding a Hoverboard  


Hoverboards have reached the shores of Singapore and they are extremely popular these days. Hoverboards are sometimes called lithium-powered personal transportation devices or self-balancing scooter. Its popularity is undeniable and finally you have one for the taking. But before anything else, we should make sure that it is from a reliable store/shop. Do not buy from unauthorized stores because it will lead to potential hazards.


After making sure of its authenticity, it is time to learn how to ride it. The first thing that we should do is to make sure that the hoverboard is fully charged. Experts repeatedly reminded the users not to charge it overnight and never leave it charging when no one is in the house. We should know that there are cases of fire outbreak because of hoverboards.

Now you are ready to ride the hoverboard. Just remember that there is no forwards and backwards when it comes to hoverboards. You can ride however you want – this makes hoverboards appealing. Here is a guide to riding a hoverboard:

  • Turning on and off: As long as it is fully charged, it is easy to turn it on and off. You only need to locate the power button of the hoverboard. When you turn it off, you only need to press the “lock” button.
  • Using remote: Remote control is included in the package. It is imperative that you read the instructions and the keys first before actually pressing any.


  • Landing: There are no specific instructions whether the left or right foot should be the first to land. The important thing here is you choose whichever foot you are more comfortable and start from there. Remember to keep your feet as close to the wheel as possible and keep it at ground level. The key here is not to overthink because you might fall. Just step as you would when you are encountering the stairs. Do not tense up or you will wobble.
  • Moving around: In hoverboards, you are the captain. You can move whichever direction you want. Just think of where you want to go and you will surely get there. You only need to lean in the direction you want to go and the hoverboard will do the rest but do not lean too much or you will fall – just shift your weight.
  • Stepping off: Just like your landing, you need to put your dominant foot and step out. Do not attempt to jump off – this will save your hoverboard from unwanted scratches.