5 Natural Ways to Cope with Depression

Feeling depressed sometimes is a natural part of life. Whether you’re experiencing some temporary bout of the blues or suffering from an episode of clinical depression, there are still several diet and lifestyle changes you can do to cope up with this emotional trouble.


  1. Organize Your Life. If you’re serious about learning how to cope up with depression, the first thing you can do is to re-structure your life. Create a daily schedule that’ll help your get back on your usual track. Start by making a to-do list and try to do simple tasks that you can finish in a day. Then, slowly work your way to achieving weekly, monthly, and even lifelong goals.
  1. Fix Your Sleeping Pattern. Although getting back to your usual sleeping pattern won’t happen in an instant, you can start doing it by adjusting some of your habits. Start by going to bed and waking up the same time every day. Take out all the distractions in your bedroom, such your computer and TV. Eventually, you’ll notice how much your sleeping pattern has improved.
  1. Incorporate Mood Boosters Into Your Diet. While there are no magic foods or supplements that can instantly fix depression, there are some specific nutrients that can help ease the feeling over time. Such nutrients include folate, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins B12 and D. Add in foods that are rich in such nutrients, and you’ll eventually feel much lighter and happier over a few days.


  1. Steer Clear From Anti-Serotonin Foods and Drinks. Although most foods promote good health, there are also several foods and drinks that can trigger or worsen depression. Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks are some of those foods. Extreme caffeine and alcohol consumption depletes your serotonin level, making you more prone to depression and anxiety. Sugary treats and junk foods also promote a crash-and-burn feeling. As much as possible, try reducing your intake of tea, coffee, and processed foods to improve your mood.
  1. Engage in Outdoor Activities. Since you’re not in the mood to follow your regular workout routine, experts suggest doing easy activities that’ll get you moving. Walk your dog, do gardening, or simply walk your way to somewhere that’s just a few blocks away. These may be small steps, but in time, you’ll be able to be physically active again.

Dealing with depression can be extremely challenging. It takes both time and patience, so don’t feel frustrated about not being to snap out of it immediately. Take all the time that you need to cope up with it, and see how much you’ll improve in due time.