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7 Points to Remember Before Getting a Drastic Haircut

Getting a haircut can be both a totally scary and remarkable experience—it only takes five minutes to cut it all off most of your hair, and if you don’t like the style you’ll have to walk around with it for months That said, there is nothing more satisfying and confidence-boosting than walking down the streets, loving your new hairstyle after a visit to a hair salon in Singapore.

Here are the important things to keep in mind when going for a major hairstyle change to ensure good hair days in the months to come.

1. Consider Hair Texture

Each of us can categorize our hair into several different texture types: Dry, oily, curly, straight, wavy, thick, fine, limp. If you have fine, stringy hair that tends to fall flat at the crown, your hair will look fuller when short.

On the other hand, girls with thick, curly hair need to weigh their tresses down with length—the shorter your hair, the higher the fluff factor of your hair will be. Same thing goes with bangs. If you have straight hair, it’ll fall flat on your forehead. If you have curly hair, bangs are prone to fizziness. And no matter the texture of your hair, split ends and damaged hair never looks good, so cut it off.

2. Think About Your Lifestyle

If you’re someone who finds it fun and therapeutic to spend an hour every morning tending to your locks, then almost any hairstyle works for you. But if you’re a busy gal who’s constantly on the rush without time to regularly go to an excellent hair salon in Singapore you should be careful about getting a high-maintenance hairstyle that requires being blow-dried or ironed every after wash.

Other lifestyle considerations to discuss with your hairstylist:

• Do you usually wear your hair on a ponytail to work out? You would want a hairstyle with enough length to allow you to pull your hair back.
• Can you blow-dry your bands correctly? If getting bangs, ask your hair salon to teach you a quick blow-dry lesson to keep your bangs looking good all the time.
• Do you blow-dry or air-dry your hair? Your hairstylist will want to cut your hair into a style that would look good if you air dry it.
• How much time daily do you need to style your hair?

3. Be Forgiving With Face Shape

Do not freak out about your face shape. While it certainly is a factor for choosing a new hairstyle, don’t let this be the sole factor. The question of whether you can rock a shorter hair has more to do with the state of your confidence than your face shape. The key to finding the right hairstyle is pinpointing what makes you feel comfortable—and what doesn’t—and working your way around it.

So, if you feel like you have fuller cheeks that make your face look wider, choose hairstyle with longer length or at least that falls below your chin to pull the eye away from the feature you wish to disguise.

4. Do so at the Right Time

You may be tempted to chop your hair off after a break up, but professional hairstylists always recommend not making any drastic hairstyle change when facing emotional challenges or before a major public appearance.

If you’re not sure of the decision, going short in stages is a good way to test the waters. It’s normal to feel frightened when thinking of losing significant length of hair. But once you see for yourself the change of a new look brings, it can be addicting.

5. Find the Best Hair Salon

For longer hair length, getting a bad hair cut can easily be hidden in a braid. But if you’ve got shorter haircut, you’ll have to deal with it for days, weeks and months, staring at your mirror and wishing for your hair to grow faster.

According to professional hairstylists, a good short air depends on the cut—not on the tools, products or the way you style it. The cut is the foundation of all hairstyles. Finding the best hair salon in Singapore is the key to having gorgeous new hairstyle. Long hair styles and short hair styles are two different styles, so it’s really important to see first the work of a hair salon. Instagram and Facebook are great ways for that, or if you see a friend or an officemate with great haircut, ask her who cut it and check the hair salon out yourself.

6. Bring Photos

The number one rule doing a major change to your hair is don’t just tell your hairstylist your dream hairstyle, show it. Pictures show everything. Long layers can mean differently to different people, so make sure you’re armed with pictures of your favourite celeb, Pinterest posts, Instagram photos and anything else you can get a hold of to convey exactly what you mean.

However, do not just bring photos of hairstyles you like, pictures of hairstyles you do not like also is a big help to your hairstylist. That way, your hairstylist knows what to avoid, even if you can’t clearly articulate what can turn you off.

7. Check Your Schedule

If you have decided to cut your hair short, know that it requires more maintenance than longer hairstyles as you need to have it trimmed more often. To maintain the shape and body of your hair, as well as the colour, you should plan on hair salon trips at least every four weeks.

Also, short hair styles, like pixie cut and A-line bobs, require to be prepped up in the morning, so ensure that your day-to-day schedule can afford it. Having it air dried may cause the ends to go in whatever direction instead of keeping them inwards, towards the neck, making the ends look frizzy and messy.

When thinking of getting a hair makeover, the best hair salon in Singapore can help you pick the right hairstyle for you. Book an appointment with a hair salon now for free consultation with a professional hairstylist.

How to Smell Amazing All the Time


The weather here in Singapore is hot and you have a long way to walk. By the time you reach the office or school, you’ll probably smell worse before you took a bath. This is the dilemma of many. It has become a challenge to smell amazing all throughout the day.


You surely know that the best way to smell good is to practice good hygiene – start your day by taking a bath. After the bath, you use different things to ensure that you stay and smell fresh all throughout the day. With this, toothbrush, deodorant, lotions and the like came in the market. You have to admit that you go gaga for new beauty products.

There is nothing wrong if you want to smell amazing all the time. In fact, it is attractive. If you smell unpleasant, no one will go near you and that is the worse experience in the world. If in this case you rely on the help of fragrances, you have to know how to make it last so you can smell amazing all the time.

Here are some tips for smelling amazing all the time:

  • Store fragrances in proper places: If you want your fragrance to last long, the first thing that you should do is to store it in proper places. Do not put them in the bathroom, dump or warm places. Remember that the humidity, light and heat can break down the perfume thereby lessening the quality of your fragrance. The best place to store it is in a cool and dry room.


  • Rub Vaseline first: Before spraying the perfume, make sure that you rubbed it with Vaseline first. In a specific area, rub Vaseline then spray the perfume. Vaseline is an ointment that can hold the fragrance longer. If you spray it unto dry skin, the scent will easily evaporate.


  • Moisturize: If you do not have Vaseline, another trick to lock in the fragrance is to moisturize first. If you have dry skin, the scent will evaporate easily. If you have oily skin, the fragrance tends to stay longer. So next time, apply a moisturizer first before spraying.


  • Do not dab: Many people have this habit to dab the fragrance on their wrists after spraying. This is wrong. If you dab it against wrist, the fragrance will vanish easily. Never dab it if you want it to last long.


  • Know target pulse: You will be amazed that there are target points for better diffusion of fragrance in the body. When spraying perfume, choose warm areas like wrists, inside elbows, neck, below midriff, behind knees and on ankles or calves.


Beauty in a Budget: Must-Have Drugstore Beauty Products in 2016

We’re almost halfway through the year, and a whole crop of amazing beauty products are already available in our favourite drugstores. From the complexion savers to the strand savers, get your hands on these five picks now to look absolutely gorgeous without shelling out big bucks.


  1. Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

Is your skin more on the sensitive side? Then consider reaching out for this mild cleanser that’s free from harsh ingredients. The micelle technology used on this cleanser gently but effectively removes all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup, while hydrating and nourishing the skin using the vitamins it contains.

  1. Pantene Pro-V Style Series Air Spray Alcohol Free

The first of its kind in the haircare products. This lightweight and alcohol-free aerosol hairspray provides the same setting power as the traditional hairsprays sans the heaviness, stickiness, and sharp alcohol scent. Available in three varieties (anti-humidity, flexible hold, and strong hold), it’s the perfect way to achieve your hair goals.

  1. Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-One Lip and Cheek Beauty Balm

You’ve heard of BB creams for your face, but now this newbie from Physicians Formula offers the multi-tasking benefits both for your pout and cheeks. Similar with the traditional BB cream, you’ll also get skincare benefits (hydration and sun protection), as well as colour – a pretty tint that enhances the natural hue of your lips and glow of your cheeks.


  1. Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter Extracts Smoothing Oil

This latest line of beauty products from Garnier feature good-for-your-hair ingredients, but what we can’t get enough of is this hair smoothing oil. Unlike most moisturizing and smoothing ingredients, the coconut oil infused in these products penetrates the hair shafts, moisturizes the strands from inside out, and calms the errant frizz. Added points for its ‘day at the beach’ scent!

  1. Multi Correxion 5-in-1 Chest, Neck, and Face Cream

Good skincare shouldn’t be restricted to your face alone, it should also be done on your neck and chest area as well. Luckily, Roc’s latest multi-tasking cream makes taking care of the skin on our neck and chest area a lot easier. The cream is loaded with SPF 30 that protects us against, and anti-aging ingredients that amps up the skin’s radiance, and smooths away fine lines on the chest, neck, and face.

Even when in budget, it’s still possible for you to look absolutely gorgeous. Just make sure to get your hands on these drugstore beauty products to get silkier locks and more youthful-looking skin.


The 3 Skin Care Solutions Every College Girl Should Live By


We all know how college can be so stressful. But don’t let the sleepless nights, high-calorie meals, and increased stress hormones keep your skin form looking gorgeous. Keep these derm-approved skincare tips in mind to keep your skin in the clear all throughout the semester.


  1. Wear Sunscreen Everyday

Transferring from one building to another will expose you to the sun—not to mention you have to commute to and from the school. Keep your skin protected from brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and most importantly skin cancer, wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30 in it. If you want the faster route, use a moisturizer or foundation that doubles as sunscreen, such as Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 and Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation with SPF 42.

  1. Have an Anti-Break Out Kit Ready

In times of stress (e.g. midterms and finals), pimples and acne can flare up. Stop signs of zits as early as possible by using these two skin-clearing ingredients: benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. The latter is best for fighting whiteheads and blackheads by clearing the skin from dead cells and excess oil that clog the pores. If you’re more to breakouts, make sure to use a daily facial wash with these ingredients. Pair your facial wash with spot acne treatment, which can be dabbed on blemishes whether in the face, chest, or back. Some of our favourites are the Neutrogena Naturals Acne Spot Treatment and the Murad Acne Body Wash.


  1. Go for Flake-Fighting Moisturizer

Air-conditioned rooms can dry out the skin and disrupt the skin barrier function, which can result to itchy and flaky skin. To avoid this skin problem, use a moisturizer that contains glycerine, petrolatum, ceramides, oat extracts, and hyaluronic acid to protect your skin and promote growth of healthy skin cells. Apply on the face before bed to repair the skin while you’re asleep and wake-up to a healthier and more youthful skin. We like Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer and Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream.

Being busy for school isn’t an excuse to take your skin for granted. Yes, projects, deadlines, and school papers may all be eating up most of your time, but pausing for a few minutes for a quick beauty regimen will save you from headache when your best friend sets you on a blind date or a classmate calls for a weekend night out.


Quick Fixes for Common Cooking Fails


You accidentally added too much salt on your stew—now what? Do you have to start from scratch again? Don’t panic. Whether you’ve made this mistake or similar ones—adding too much spice or overcooking the vegetables—there are quick solutions you can do to salvage your dish.


Problem: Food Is Too Salty

For stews and soups, simply add more of the main ingredients. You can also add pureed chickpeas or white beans to counteract the saltiness without affecting the flavour. For an over-salted meat, serve it with an unsalted grain or starch, such as plain white rice, quinoa or potato puree. As for overly salty vegetables, pair them with mild cheese, like mozzarella or ricotta. No time to prepare for extra ingredient? Pop a bottle of Champagne and serve it with your dish. The bubbles cleanse the palate, thus refreshing the taste buds after every sip.

Problem: Food Is Too Spicy

There are several ways to salvage a fiery food. Sugar is one unobtrusive way to tone down spiciness, especially for soups and stews. Gradually add in ½ teaspoon increments, and taste every single time. You can also add more of the main ingredients to dilute the spiciness. For a stir fried dish, adding more meat will intensify the meaty flavour and mask the sharp, intense aroma of the spices.HD-fw200510_cockles

Problem: Sauce Is Too Runny

When the sauce is too runny, reduce it by simmering, which allows some of the liquids to evaporate. Another way to add thickness to a sauce is to make a paste out of cornstarch and cold water. Whisk the mixture into the sauce, but be sure to do a little at a time so the sauce won’t taste cornstarch-y and the sauce doesn’t get too thick.

Problem: Meat Is Overcooked

If you’ve overcooked your meat, there’s really nothing much you can do about it except make it seem intentional. With steak, slice the meat very thinly and serve it with chimichurri sauce or shred it and use it for another recipe. With pork, you can shred the meat and then drench it in barbecue sauce to create barbecue pulled pork.

Accidents can happen in foods as well—too much of certain ingredient can cause unbalanced flavour. However, such accidents don’t have to mean wasted food. All it takes is just a few tweaks, and you’re recipe is good to go again.