Commonly Mispronounced Brand Names


Here in Singapore, it doesn’t matter how we pronounce brand names. As long as we say it and the salesperson understand what we are looking for, we can get the product without much ado. We are not humiliated for mispronouncing brand names because in the first place, it is not in our language. However this does not mean that we do not accept corrections.


We cannot go on forever mistaken about pronouncing brand names. It is time that we discover the right pronunciation of famous brand names and hopefully change our ways for the better. If you are the owner of the company, you would want people to remember your name correctly because it is your trademark.

Here are some commonly mispronounced brand names:

  • Nutella: Many people just read between the lines and pronounce it nuh-tell-uh but in reality, the actual pronunciation is new-tell-uh. So next time when you go to the grocery shop, make sure to pronounce it right and for sure the salesperson will be glad to give you one of the best hazelnut cocoa spread.
  • IKEA: IKEA is a famous company known for its ready to assemble furniture designs and home accessories. Many people pronounce it eye-key-ah but the actual pronunciation is ih-key-yah.
  • Chevrolet: Chevrolet is commonly known as Chevy. It is an American automobile company. Many people pronounce it as shev-ro-let but the actual pronunciation is shev-ro-lay.
  • Tag Heuer: For the inner class in you, you know Tag Heuer and you pronounce it as tag-hew-air. The actual pronunciation should be tag haw-yer. Tag Heuer is a famous Swiss watchmaker.
  • Renault: Renault is a French automobile manufacturer. Many pronounce it as ren-olt but the actual pronunciation is ren-oh.


  • BVLGARI: BVLGARI is an Italian luxury goods and jewellery brand. BVLGARI is particularly famous for its scents. Many people pronounce it as bull-gar-ee. The actual pronunciation is bull-guh-ree.
  • HUAWEI: HUAWEI is a Chinese telecommunications and networking company. It is famous here in Asia and is making a name worldwide. Many people pronounce it as hugh-ah-way. The actual pronunciation is wah-way.
  • Givenchy: For those that are familiar with haute couture and parfums, Givenchy is on their list. It is a French brand. Many people pronounce it as gah-vin-chee. The actual pronunciation is zhee-von-shee.
  • Balmain: Balmain is another French brand known to provide one of the best haute couture. Many people pronounce it as bal-main. The actual pronunciation is bal-mah.
  • Moschino: Moschino is an Italian fashion house famous for its luxury ready to wear dresses and accessories. Many people pronounce it as moss-chee-no. The actual pronunciation is moss-key-no.