The Secret Behind Heart Imaging

We see a doctor if we feel chest pain or any discomfort. The doctor will then advise series of tests like CT scan, X-rays and many others to diliberate whether we have a certain illness or not. These heart imaging tests are absolutely beneficial. As patients, we are confident knowing that these tests are accurate.


Regardless of the accuracy or efficacy of these tests, a study in America proved patients that undergo such tests have higher risk of medical radiation. The medical radiation will increase the risk of developing cancer. The study were revealed at American College of Cardiology on March 21, 2015. The New England Journal of Medicine also published the findings online.

There are doctors here in Singapore that are aware of the risks but still continue to suggest the heart imaging tests. The doctors should inform their patients of the radiation they will get before agreeing to do the tests. If Singaporeans know the risks, things will be different.


If we want to lessen our risks of getting radiation, we have to consider alternative tests. These alternative tests are natural and safe. For example, we can consider treadmill tests to identify whether we have heart disease or not. The treadmill test is the best way to evaluate whether our hearts are properly working. The treadmill and the Electrocardiogram do not emit any dangerous radiation that can lead to cancer so we are safe.

Knowing this, heart imaging tests should be the alternative and not the priortity. The study is of great help to patients and doctors. This study does not abhor heart imaging tests but it is one way of bringing awareness to people and the medical field.