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What Are Tabletop Games?

Tabletop games is the name given to activities that are played on a table or any flat surface. This includes board, card, dice, miniatures, and tile games.

There are two ways to classify tabletop games. One is through the items used and the other is by the elements of chance.

Types of Items Used
1. Adventure games require the players to take on the role of the story’s protagonist to explore and solve puzzles. The most popular adventure board game is Dungeons & Dragons. The player begins by creating a character with its own characteristics and abilities.
2. Board games are played on a marked piece called a board with pieces that players can move around. The most popular board game is chess in which the objective is to checkmate the other player’s king.
3. Card games use playing cards. There are different types of cards including the standard 52-card deck used for poker and solitaire. Collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering which use elements in adventure and role-playing are also classified under card games.
4. Dice games utilize the dice, the oldest form of tabletop game in the world. Dice games rely on luck and randomness. Sometimes the dice is used together with some card and board games. The most popular dice game is backgammon, also classified as a board game.

5. Paper and Pencil games, as the name suggests utilize paper and pen to compete in a strategy game. The most popular example is the tic-tac-toe where players take turns writing on a grid with the goal of placing a row of similar marks.
6. Role-Playing games have a set of rules that players have to follow in order to succeed. In tabletop form, the players discuss their character’s actions and decisions. The characters they create are detailed and have a history, background and ability stats. Examples are Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer and Call of Cthulhu.
7. Strategy games require the player to out-think the opponent through decisions and the ability to anticipate outcomes. Board wargames like Tactics are fictional or real military operations simulated on a board.
8. Tile-Based games use tiles as either playing pieces to beat an opponent or as components to complete an outcome. The most popular tile-based games are dominoes, mahjong and Scrabble. The sliding puzzles called 15- and 8 -puzzle is also a form of tile-based game.

Elements of Chance
Some games require the player to guess what the opponent has in his/her hands. Sometimes the outcome of the game is determined by the roll of the dice or the types of cards dealt. There are games however where there are no hidden information. All the pieces are there in front of the participants.

1. Deterministic Games do not have any hidden or random information. Examples are chess, go, mancala, and nine men’s morris.
2. Stochastic Games often involve players guessing the other opponent’s pieces or cards. Examples of this are backgammon, Monopoly, poker, Scrabble and gin rummy.

The 8 Most Popular 52-Card Deck Games

Card games are timeless because they can be played by everyone and don’t require a lot of items. They can be addictive too because you’d be tempted to try again and again even if you lose. How many of these have you tried?

1. Poker
Poker is the name of several gambling card games which test the player’s skill in betting. The objective is to get as much chips and lose only a few of your own. The variations of poker include straight, stud, draw and community card poker. The poker games you usually see nowadays is the Texas Hold ‘Em which is played in the World Series of Poker.

2. Rummy
This is a type of matching card game which traces its roots to the games Khanhoo and Conquian. The objective of rummy is for the player to form matched sets of either groups of three or four of a kind. The player can also win by forming sequences of three or more cards from the same suit.

3. Solitaire
The goal of solitaire, also called Patience, is to sort cards in a particular manner. The cards are shuffled then arranged on a table. Then the player will try to reorder the cards in restricted moves. The most popular types of solitaire games are Klondike and FreeCell.

4. Spades
Spades is played by two to six players depending on the version. It was invented in the 1930s and is among the family of card games that was inspired by the trick-taking game Whist. The objective is to score first based on the winning tricks for each hand.

5. Hearts
Hearts is played by four to six players and is a type of trick-taking card game. The objective is to win by acquiring the fewest points at the end of the game. In a game consisting of four players, each one is dealt 13 cards. Then players take turns playing one card until all the cards have been placed on the table.

6. Spoons
Spoons is a type of matching and bluffing card game using a deck of cards and kitchen spoons. The objective is to grab a spoon after a four of a kind is collected. When one of the players has completed a four of a kind, the others will try to grab the remaining spoons.

7. Uno
Uno is played by two to ten people. Each one is given seven cards while the remaining cards are placed in a draw pile. Another pile is designated, called the discard pile. Each player will then try to match the card in the discard pile by color, symbol or number. The objective is to prevent the other players from getting rid of the cards by getting rid of yours first.

8. Bridge
Bridge consists of bidding and the play. It needs two pairs or partnerships with the objective of winning tricks. In order to win the game you need not just a good set of cards, but to play well with your partner.

Racing Games You Should Try

Perhaps among the easiest entry-level video games to learn is racing. The objective is simple, finish first in the shortest time possible. Here are the best of the genre.

Crazy Taxi
The player drives a taxi and picks up customers to deliver to different destinations within the shortest possible time. If the customer liked the stunts too, you will earn more.

R.C. Pro-Am
The player controls a radio-controlled car. The player can also use weapons against other competitors.

Sega Rally
Test your skills in this racing series by driving on different surfaces like mud, asphalt and gravel.

Out Run
The player controls either a Testarossa or a Ferrari while avoiding traffic.

Midnight Club
This series of racing games focus on amateur street racing. In the first game, the player begins with a slower and unmodified car.

The game combines both real-world vehicles and locations with studio-made cars. In the career mode, the player has to gain fan points by performing stunts during the race.

Burnout Paradise
Racing plus open world? Burnout Paradise isn’t just about finishing first in a race, you can do other things too like crashing your car to gain points.

Forza Series
The first game, Forza Motorsport, was released in 2005 and gave players a choice from nine types of cars that emulated real cars in both looks and performance.

Super Mario Kart
Race with your go-kart and gain power-ups by controlling one of the eight Mario characters in one of the bestselling SNES titles of all time.

Need for Speed
Its first installment was released in 1994. The objective is to unlock more cars and racing locations, the player has to win a series of races.

Gran Turismo
This PlayStation-exclusive series have licensed virtual reproductions of real vehicles. It is praised for its real and accurate driving simulation.

Colin McRae Rally or Dirt
Named after the rally champion Colin McRae, the objective of the first game was to win the rallies modeled after the 1998 World Rally Championship season.

Wipeout Series
The games are noted for their futuristic setting in anti-gravity tracks. The player’s ship comes with its special features and attributes.

Tourist Trophy: The Real Riding Simulator
This is part of the Gran Turismo Series but focuses on motorcycles instead of cars. The bikes can be modified and there are modes for specific skills in bike handling.

Touring Car Championship
TOCA is a series of racing games that feature real licensed racing cars and motorcycles.

Super Off Road
If you like working hard for items and money, this off-road truck game requires the player to finish each race twice to earn money and upgrades.