The Things We Sacrifice for Financial Gain  


We think that money is everything here in Singapore. Many Singaporeans are willing to sacrifice other things just to get riches. Here are some things other sacrifice in the name of money:


  • Time: It is true that we need time to accumulate and earn money. We often trade Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays for extra pay. We only want to live comfortably but we have to determine if it is too much. The degree will depend on the person’s life goals. If we are comfortable with working longer hours for the sake of our dreams, losing a few hours of sleep is expected.
  • Health: For labourers who are toiling under the heat of the sun, their health or life may be at risk just to make some money. For office workers, we might not put our lives on the line but just sitting there for longer hours may as well damage our health. Overworking has been linked with many mental and physical ailments like insomnia and depression. With this, it is important that we know our body’s limit.


  • Interests: If we have our way, we will be heading to Siloso beach or in Hawaii to surf. We can even stay at coffee houses and just read all throughout the day. Unfortunately, we cannot do things we like without money. Truth is, here in Singapore, many people who just started their day wishes that their day at work would end swiftly. If something interests us more than money, we have to seek middle ground. We can just resign and do things we like.

In our pursuit of getting rich, we sacrifice many things just to get the money we so wanted. When we have everything, we will realize how much we have lost. We should not wait for this moment. We have to make changes in our life if at this point all we think about is money and nothing more.