5 Basic Rules of Layering Clothes for Men

Layering outfits isn’t just for women, it also works for men. In fact, it’s a great way for them to combine their favourite pieces together, and wear something flexible and comfortable while showcasing their sense of style. But before you jump into the layering bandwagon, there are basic layering guidelines that you should be familiar with – and you can start by applying the following rules to your style.


  1. Thinner Pieces Go First. The first layering rule is quite logical and straightforward: The closer it is on your skin, the thinner the cloth’s material should be. With that said, ensure that you start your layered look with clothing pieces made from thin fabrics like a cotton dress shirt, t-shirt or turtleneck, and layer them with heavier pieces like a corduroy blazer, a leather jacket or a wool sweater.


  1. Scale Patterns from Lightest to Strongest. Planning to layer patterns? Then we suggest that you do it in a steady grade. If you’re going to wear a heavy-patterned overcoat, then wear pieces with restrained designs or a solid-coloured shirt to have lesser patterns toward your core. Alternatively, if you’re having a plaid shirt as your foundation, then wear a sweater that has a bit texture and finish it off with a smooth, solid overcoat. With this, the change in your patterns will be gentle and smoother rather than abrupt.


  1. Keep Everything Casual. Layered clothes are best worn on casual occasions, but never in formal settings. However, keep in mind that your layering pieces can include one or two classy pieces like a fine dress shirt or a tailored blazer.


  1. Understand the Function of Each Layer. For colder days, opt for under layers that can catch moisture from skin and aren’t visible. Your shirt layer should be your base, the middle layer should trap the warmth and allows breathing, while your coat or outer layer protects you against any element.


  1. Always Go for Comfort. One general rule in fashion: Never go with a style that’s uncomfortable for you. With that in mind, if you can’t seem to put your arms all the way down to your side, then it’s most likely that your layering combination is too thick and far from being trendy.

Layering clothes in men can be tricky at times, but by keepingthese rules in mind, you’ll definitely be able to rock that layered anywhere you go and anytime you want.