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How a Mother Can Bond With Her Little Daughter


The moment a mother knows she is expecting a daughter, her excitement doubles with the prospect of having her mini-me. The news of having a baby girl in tow is always coupled with visions of matching shoes and dresses. Those cute get-ups are to die for! So after eagerly and patiently combing the Singapore stalls and online shops for mom and daughter outfits, these are the activities that will surely make your bonding time the best for the both of you:


  1. Interactive Play

Little girls love to play pretend with their dolls and little teacup sets. Encourage them. You can start by asking “Do you want to play with Mommy?” You will be surprised at the overly-excited look from your child’s eyes. Learning that her mother shares the excitement with her will surely make her day. Laugh together and have fun while playing. Not only will this develop a strong bond between you two but it will also be good boost for your little girl’s creativity and enhancement for her communication skills.

  1. Household Chores

Your child looks up to you as her superhero mom. Therefore, she will be elated when you ask her to take part in your daily chores. Letting them follow what you do. Household chores like folding clothes, washing the dishes and wiping off dirt from furniture are among the doable favorites. Allow them to help you in doing simple household errands. It is a good bonding moment while teaching your daughter the value of being responsible.


  1. Exercise

Little girls like dancing to catchy music that they keep on hearing from their favorite movies. Schedule an hour of dancing with your little one. You can start by preparing matching colorful outfits. This will further help your child develop gross motor skills while having fun! Also you get to burn calories while making good memories with daughter!

  1. Hairstyling Each Other

A good hour or two of taking turns in brushing each other’s hair is another wonderful bonding moment your little girl will surely enjoy. Lay out all the hair accessories you’ve kept since she was a baby and let her play these with your hair. She will develop her resourcefulness while making you beautiful.

The mother indeed plays an important role in building the character of her daughter. In Singapore, some mothers stay at home while some go to work. Either way, spending ample time together doing simple things is a good start for her development in her formative years!


Things We Can Do with Dad  


Not all people like to hang out with their fathers because they find it awkward or boring. While our fathers are still young and active, we should enjoy their company. We should not only give them time during Father’s Day.


Every day should be Father’s Day. Let us celebrate God’s blessings through our fathers. Here are some activities that we should engage with our fathers:

  • Fishing: We try to avoid our fathers because they tend to be bossy and nosy but that is not the whole of it. If we invite our fathers for fishing, it will make them happy. Fishing encourages talk and fathers love that.
  • Go-Karting: Our fathers also need an adrenaline fix so it is good if we invite them to go-karting. Our fathers need to have some fun too!


  • Paintball: Let us empower our father’s inner warrior by inviting him to play paintball. We will discover how good he is at protecting his life and the lives of people around him.
  • Beer tasting: If we are an adult, it won’t hurt to have a beer tasting session with our fathers. Beer tasting will encourage talks – some are serious, some are not.
  • Amusement parks: The thrill of the rides and the tacky souvenirs can make our fathers happy. What’s not to like in amusement parks? If we want it to be special, let us pay everything. Do not let our fathers spend a dime.

Our lives may become busy but we have to treasure our fathers whilst they are here. Singapore has plenty of activities. Our fathers will surely be delighted.