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How to Remain Faithful to Your Partner

Commitment and fidelity are often hot topics for most Singaporean couples. Partners expect each other to remain committed and faithful until one of them strays from the path. This is considered as the most common reasons for breakups among couples. Without commitment and fidelity, trust cannot be built and relationships are only ticking time bombs. Sometimes, love is not enough to keep a relationship going. Unfaithfulness may be caused by the cheating partner’s immaturity and weak character. Here are some tips on how you can remain faithful to your partner:


Honesty is the best policy

It is important to be honest with yourself on why you want to be in a relationship with the other person. Make sure that your intention is clean and ideal for the both of you. Knowing with certainty deep inside you that you honestly love the other person will make you want to cherish the other person further. Also, make it a point to be as completely honest with each other even when it comes to little things. If you can keep small things from each other, then you can keep big things from each other as well.

Don’t rush things into a relationship

Get to know the person well before committing into a relationship. The song’s right that only fools rush in. So take your time and take things slow. It’s for both of your advantage that you really get to know each other well and see each other for the persons that you are and not through rose-colored glasses and still learn to appreciate each other despite your imperfections.


Treat each other as equals

It’s already the modern age so it’s only just fitting that couples treat each other as equals. Failed relationships are due to unhappy couples with an imbalanced sense of equality. Gone should be the days as well as the thinking that the men are the superior ones in the relationship and the women inferior. There are more chances for relationships to succeed when you both consider each other as equal persons.

Treat each other with respect

Showing respect goes a long way in making your partner feel loved and valued as an individual. Show your respect by listening carefully with your partner and not subjecting your partner into ridicule. The moment that you make your partner feel belittled is when your relationship starts to crumble.


How to Know When Your Husband is Cheating on You

Extramarital affair is one of the main causes for separations in Singapore. Singaporean women will then be wise to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to be one step ahead than their men. Nowadays, you can never be too sure with your husband. You may have spent a long period of happy marriage life together and may have known each other the longest but this doesn’t meant that you can already trust your husband to fight against worldly temptations.


Here are some tips on how to know when your husband is cheating on you:

Your husband spends less time at home and does more overtime work

A person with an extramarital affair will spend more and more time outside the house as it is impossible to maintain dual relationships with the same amount of time. Usually, cheating husbands will tell you that they are required to render overtime work. The thrill of the affair will also cause your husband to want to stay out more than spend their time with the family.

Your husband goes on frequent trips and goes home late at night

A husband that has an extramarital affair is often out. He will use his work as an excuse saying that he needs to do more business trips. When he does get home, he does so late at night. This is because some cheating husbands can only have an affair after their office hours. Also, the thrill of the illicit affair leads them to go on romantic expeditions.

Your husband gives unnecessary explanations

Cheating husbands try to be as careful as they can get by thinking over their every move and making sure they’ve covered every telltale track. This is when you’ll notice them giving out unnecessary explanations on random things that you won’t ordinarily question. They think they’re being smart but really they’re only making their acts more obvious.


Your husband shows a change in behavior

You’ll know that your husband is cheating on you when he starts changing his habits. He may start showing lesser interest in family affairs where he’d usually take the lead in such affairs. He may give physical affections that seem more mechanical than genuine and intimate. You’ll also catch him spending more time on private conversations on a phone.

Your instinct tells you so

The best telltale sign is when your instinct tells you that something is wrong. You should learn to follow when your inner voice tells you it’s about time to make a move.

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Expat Essentials: Reasons to Date Singaporean Men


When it comes to dating Asian men, a number of outlandish and cultural stereotyping have been labeled on them, which lessens the attraction of women from different races, including other Asians themselves. According to United States Census Bureau, about 40% of Asian women will opt to settle down with a male of different race while one true-blue Asian guy expressed that they are not seen as masculine by many. In Singapore, one would often hear a buzz phrase, “Singaporean men aren’t chivalrous and conversationalist.”


Well, it’s time to break this long standing stereotype as we decode the endearing qualities and redeeming factors of Singaporean dudes that will make you think twice before turning them down on a date:

  1. Singaporean men have strong family values

Most, if not all, Singaporean men stay with their families until they decide to move out and settle down. More often than not, they still continue to look after their family even when they already have their own. In fact, in 2013, 70.6% of married Singaporeans responded to a survey that they still manage to see their elderly parents daily or twice a week. This culture and upbringing reveals a lot about the kind of potential partner Singaporean guys are.

The analogy is, if he respects, takes care and treats his parents well, then there is likelihood that you would get the same or better manner of treatment to you and your children. They give utmost respect to women and it is true even in simple conversations, they are conscious of their words so as not to offend them. Well, if you are looking for the long-haul, then nothing can be more attractive than this.

  1. Singaporean men are romantic

Well, it’s not a reputation they’re best known for, but they surely are romantic in their own unusual ways. When they think of something for their significant other, they think out of the box that will drive you nuts in amazement. Samples of few real-life marriage proposals publicized were underwater, flash mob, garden by the Bay marriage proposals. Way to go to sweep any woman off her feet.


  1. Singaporean men are good-looking

Asians specifically Singaporean men have unique facial features and physique that makes them stand out from the pack. They may not have long sharp nose and long forehead but most have chinky eyes, fuller lips, cute baby faces, average height and great skin tone! Also, most of them are expected to make it to an annual fitness test since they are reserve soldiers, and so, they’re often in the goal of keeping themselves fit.  And they are also hot and sweaty, like all the time.

  1. Singaporean men are brainy

Most Singapore guys are known to be good at math and science. In reality, he uses this to make some good calculations on how much he needs to buy before he can actually retire. Also, they’re competitive as it means striving and fighting with the best. This is a surviving skill for them that make us no wonder why they are attractive.


Compliments Women Would Like to Hear from Men


Compliments are girls’ best friend! Explaining and understanding a woman’s mindset in a broader perspective is all wonderful but powerful if a guy knows how to use it properly. To slightly reveal the girl code, women, most of the time tends to be choosy as to how they like to be complimented.


When you are too straightforward, she will find you creepy or a sex offender, when you say something vague or indirect, she won’t probably get the hint. It seems pretty hard to understand but you have to get just the right blend of good choice of words and proper timing.

Knowing and saying the right compliment is the way to make your girl feel secure, feed her ego and keep her from yelling at you and breaking into your phone. Truth be told, women never forget what their men complimented to them and even how it was spoken.

So know exactly how to make a woman’s heart sing and blush, these are the compliments your girl actually wants to hear:

  1. “You make every guy in this room stare at you and jealous of me”

It’s about that feeling of being desired, not because of sources outside the relationship but the fact that a woman’s confidence become stronger when she know she is admired by many and that you make her feel you’re lucky to have her. It surely is the top favorite of all.

  1. “I can be myself when I’m with you”

It is pretty common to guys to open up and when these magic words are coming from the very mouth of the guy we love. Vulnerability breeds openness and nothing can be more endearing for a woman when she knows she is your weakness and she has entered a deeper part of you like no one else can.

  1. “I need your opinion on this, I know you have great opinion”

This is isn’t just about letting her know you think she’s smart but it gives her the impression that you respect her opinion and that whatever she says matter to you—and that is a big deal to women. You will make her feel that she is genuinely important in your life because you make her a part of your decision making.


  1. “I love the way you *insert specific behavior or mannerism*

When you appreciate your woman for what she does, she will likely do more of it. Or it may also be her best physique or a body part you’re having fetish to. This kind of compliment gives off the impression that you pay attention to her and her good points don’t get unnoticed. It’s a sweet and real talk compliment that will surely melt her heart!

  1. “I’m proud of you”

This is letting your girl know that you see her as impressive, respectable and admirable. It’s like telling her that you feel proud about the kind of boss, friend, daughter or person that she is.