7 Items You Should Stash in Your Office Desk

Other than struggling to find the balance between being bored to death and having way too much work, another thing you need to face on a daily basis at work is your office desk or cubicle. Being confined to that little space for eight hours can make you feel like a fish being kept in a glass bowl. Luckily, we’ve found some fun and practical items that can make you more productive, and your desk less boring.


  1. Photos of Loved Ones. As cliché as it is, looking at the photos of your fun times with your family and friends can always help in brightening up your day and reminding you that you have lots of amazing people in your life. Just keep those photos in nifty frames to make your desk look classier.


  1. Colourful Post-Its. One good way to add a bit of colour to your desk, and keep you inspired and organized is by keeping a blank pad of colourful Post-Its ready. With this, you can easily post some reminders, inspirational quotes and even sudden ideas in your cubicle. Buy Post-Its in two to three different colours to keep your notes organized through colours, and arranged them based on their importance.


  1. Small Mirror. This might make you feel like you’re being a narcissist, but having one in your desk is quite practical especially for your midday makeup touch-ups. Keeping a small mirror in your desk will help you ensure that you don’t have any food stuck in your teeth after enjoying your sumptuous lunch.


  1. Superglue. You’ll never really know how important superglue is until you desperately need it. Having one ready will make handling incidents like broken sandal straps and cracked glass paperweight a lot easier for you.


  1. Snack or Candy Dish. To help you stay awake or tide you over before your meals, get yourself a nice colourful dish where you can put snacks like nuts, biscuits and even small candies.


  1. Set of Coloured Pens. Even if you’re not working in a creative industry, you’ll always find a use for coloured pens. Whether it’s decorating a birthday card for your friend, writing in your planner or just simply adding a splash of colour in your workspace, coloured pens are just good to have around.


  1. Stress Ball. Or anything that can keep your mind off work for a couple of minutes. If you’re more into solving puzzles, then a Rubik’s cube or a crossword puzzle would be a good alternative for you.

Ensuring that you have some, if not all, of these items in your desk will surely help you be more productive at work and make your eight-hour stay in your desk more fun.