Keep These Words Off Your Resume If You Badly Want the Job!


Landing a good job isn’t easy, especially for millennials with no enough experience to brag about. One effective way to stand out among the pile of candidates is to come up with a well-curated resume. To land a job interview, the first step to make is to keep these words and phrases off your CV.


Using these words in your resume is like challenging employers to nitpick your writing. If there’s a misspelled word or a misplaced punctuation mark, the hiring person will likely question your claim. Instead of stating this term in your resume, show it by providing a flawless resume and application letter.

Team Player

This is typically written as one of the strengths, but if you don’t back this up with a concrete experience, this would mean nothing. Make your resume stand out by eliminating this phrase and adding an experience that shows your capability to take part in a group. Mention your contributions to a team project or how you lead a group to achieve a goal.


Employers and recruiters assume that every applicant is hardworking, so there is really no point of reiterating this to your resume. The content alone of your resume should show how hardworking you are by containing information about your experiences from your previous job(s). For example, did you complete your degree while working a full-time job or are you working a side job while employed full-time? Include that in your resume; that will prove how hardworking you are.

Problem Solver

Employees are constantly faced with problems at work, therefore you’re already expected to be one. The more important questions are, what kind of problems you have solved and how did you solve them. When stating this fact, use words that describe your problem-solving approach, such as ‘analytical’or ‘creative.’ This will give the employer an idea of your personality and your way of dealing with workloads.

Responsible for (Something)

Every employee is responsible for something, so telling recruiters that you’re responsible won’t impress them. Use more accurate terms such as ‘managed,’ ‘transformed,’ or ‘led’ to show them what you actually did in completing those responsibilities. This will show how you operate when given a task, instead of showing them that you’re only capable of doing the basics.

Salary Negotiable

Recruiters assume that all applicants is willing to negotiate their salary, therefore this phrase is just filler. For salary matters, expect a minimum rate, but do not put in on your resume. In fact, salary should never be mentioned until you’re invited for an interview.

Clearly, when tailoring your resume, try to come up with adjectives that accurately describe you. Rather than using the mentioned terms, think of words like ‘inventive,’ ‘meticulous’ or even ‘funny’ to show more of your personality.