Tips on Boosting Your Self-confidence  

We hear that people with self-confidence succeed more here in Singapore. In this world, we have to thrive more than survive to live the life of our dreams. With that in mind, we need self-confidence more than ever. If you are the type that lacks self-confidence, it is time to discover tips on boosting it.


Know thy weaknesses and strengths

Before embarking on the road to success, it is imperative that you know your weaknesses and strengths. Make a list if can help you identify. It is when you learn who you are that you can gain assurance in your strengths and learn about your weaknesses. Learning weaknesses and strengths do not happen overnight.

Trust thyself

Confidence emanates from knowing your capabilities. Knowing your capabilities also mean accepting criticism as long as it is an opportunity to grow and improve. If someone is better than you, learn from them and do not be bitter. The thing is, you have to be confident in your potential.

Anticipate success

You cannot possibly predict the future hence you cannot anticipate success but you can claim to the universe. Whilst it is safe to expect the worse so you won’t be disappointed, it is an act of pessimism. Pessimism will surely weaken your performance thereby giving way to self-fulfilling prophecies. The best thing to do here is to find and notice successes every day and you will see the difference at the end of the day.


Learn to take compliment

Learning to take a compliment is not all about boasting but being confident of your capabilities and skills. Taking compliment is considered an art. Do not doubt what other people perceive about you. You need to  believe it yourself and transform it into self-confidence with humility.


Yes, confidence can be practiced and if you practice all the time, you will surely get better – like anything else in life. The trick here is never to doubt yourself and replace negative things with confident thoughts. You will surely survive a day.

These tips are nothing if you do not consider it at all. Being unsure of yourself and terrified at the start are natural but it only takes a change of mindset or perspective to realize that you are capable of something more. Remember that being terrified or ashamed will limit your potential and it minimizes your abilities to create a positive impact on the world. Self-confidence is something that you should cultivate when taking the Singapore and the whole world.