A Beginner’s Guide to Making It in the Wedding Flowers Industry

Floristry is a term that’s used to describe the professional flower trade, and covers all its aspects, from the cultivation of flowers to their arrangement and delivery, and even the selling of said flowers. As an aspiring wedding florist who’s just starting out on the job, it’s important for you to know that floristry isn’t as glamorous as you would want it to seem.

Wedding floristry is particularly time-sensitive. Your products have a limited shelf life, which means that everything has to be timed to bring out the best quality in every arrangement for every client. With each occasion comes a different need and a different theme, so different flowers will be used each time.

As many professional florists will tell you, this line of work is not all roses and daisies. The only lull you get from all those early mornings and long shifts are the quiet times – but if you’re not intimidated yet, then arranging floral decor might just be for you.

Training and Education
Though formal education sure helps (a lot of florists in Singapore prior to setting up shop have taken up at least a class or two), the best way to getting started is on-the-job experience via apprenticeship.

Experienced florists are the best people to teach you all about different flowers, how to take care of them, and how to arrange them. Besides, nothing screens applicants faster than witnessing the ins and outs of the industry firsthand.

Skill Set
There are a particular set of Singapore https://www.moodfleur.com/wedding-florist/ skills that you need before getting into the industry, and if you don’t have them yet, they will be developed on a touch-and-go basis. These are some of the skills that any florist should have:

Artistic Ability – You can’t be a wedding florist if you don’t have an eye for color, design, and symmetry. Being able to choose and arrange wedding flowers for floral decor means that you should have this strong sense of style.

Creativity – It certainly helps that you have this skill, though artistic ability can be taught to anyone given enough time and patience. Using this skill well opens you to unique designs for wedding flowers that your client will love.

Time Management – Being a wedding florist is a tough job that needs you to meet deadlines consistently. No one wants to hire a wedding florist who can’t get the floral decor done on time for the occasion.

Attention to Detail – You need to have a good memory to be a florist, especially when you’re eyeing on running your own flower shop. One wrong order makes for an extremely dissatisfied customer and the loss of potential clients in the future.

Effective Communication – When you’re a florist, you’re constantly interacting with customers and suppliers, so it’s important to know exactly how to get your message across to make sure that the order for the bridal bouquet is gotten correctly.

Empathy – Wedding floristry is particularly sensitive, because the clients who request them are dealing with significant moments in their lives. These clients may be experiencing some hard emotional times in their life, and you need to be sensitive and understand them.

Some Tips for Making a Profit
When starting a business, it’s important to consider the factors that go in it, particularly the kind of products available, the sales, and more importantly, the permits that are needed. Follow these tips to get you started.

1. Consider the renting space. Rent is high in Singapore no matter where you look, so be sure to set aside a good portion of the budge for this. When you look for a space to start your flower shop, be sure that it has good foot traffic and people will notice you. If you’re planning on a home-based business,

2. Be selective when it comes to giving out free services. It’s a good idea to offer these kinds of services when you’re starting out as a way to promote your floral decor business, but don’t overdo it. As much as possible, charge for everything – especially the labor. This includes the wedding flowers, the containers that they come in, floral foam, glue, tape, and even the shipping.

You can be smart when doing pro bono by offering it as a bonus when your client goes for a big purchase. For instance, if they purchase about fifty or a hundred floral decor arrangements from you, you could throw in the bridal bouquet or the wedding car decor as a bonus.

3. Know where to shop for supplies. Always keep a list of at least five suppliers for your flowers and other supplies. Having a favorite is good, but it certainly helps to have a back-up choice just in case carnations or that piece of foliage for the bridal bouquet or the wedding car decor is not available in your favorite supplier.

Because you’re a wedding florist, be sure to order early! Keep in mind that in Singapore, not all flowers are available all year round. Peonies, for instance, can only grow in a specific climate and a specific temperature, and are usually shipped in from other countries.

Giving your suppliers enough time for your products to arrive will make you appear as a good customer, which increases your chances of getting better deals for your flowers.

4. Have more than just flowers to sell
Even simple items to complement the decor like candles and sweets can rake in some extra income without too much hassle. If you have a knack for making knick-knacks like these, add them to your display for a little boost in sales.

You can also contact local artists in your area and see if they would like to showcase some of their works. That way, you can get some added traffic to your store, and they would have the place to show their works.

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